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Crellin Elementary School
115 Kendall Drive
Crellin, MD 21550
Phone 301.334.4704

Crellin Elementary School Featured on Edutopia Website

Last Updated on Dec 4, 2015 at 3:14pm | Crellin Elementary School

Edutopia is a comprehensive website and online community that increases knowledge, sharing, and adoption of what works in K-12 education. Edutopia emphasizes core strategies: project-based learning, comprehensive assessment, integrated studies, social and emotional learning, educational leadership and teacher development, and technology integration.
Within Edutopia, “Schools that Work” is a series that highlights practices and case studies from K-12 schools and districts that are improving the way students learn. 
Crellin Elementary School is featured in an article entitled “Aligning the Projects With the Standards”.  Click here to view the article.

Along the same topic of project-based learning, Crellin also has a video and an article entitled “Real-World Problem Solving: Project-Based Solutions” on the same website.  Click here to view the video and article.
"Learning Partners: Co-Teaching With Community Experts" - Inviting community members into the classroom to share their expertise can help bring lessons and learning to life for students. Click here to view the video and article.

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