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Crellin Elementary School
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Crellin, MD 21550
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Comcast Parent Involvement Matters Award

Last Updated on Oct 14, 2013 at 7:09pm | Crellin Elementary School

The Crellin Corps of Discovery Parent Group worked with students, community members and agencies, and school staff to obtain and restore an abandoned plot of land behind Crellin Elementary School. On this site, the Crellin Corps of Discovery Parent Group created an Environmental Education Laboratory for the school  that includes a trail, boardwalk over natural wetlands, and amphitheater.


The Crellin Corps of Discovery Parent Group’s accomplishments are made al the more impressive when one learns that the plot of land, once a mining site, was covered with coal gob and limber debris from the mining era and had been serving as an unofficial dump. The project was initiated when students began asking about the polluted water entering a stream near the school. Parents banded together, recruited volunteers, and worked with a number of agencies to obtain the land, clear the area, and bring their plans to fruition. Key partners included Crellin Elementary School, Canaan Valley Institute, Deep Creek Design Studio, and the Garrett County Government.


Another significant project of the Crellin Corps of Discovery Parent Group was creating a new, history-themed playground. Students conducted oral histories of the community as part of the planning. The Parent Group recruited 638 volunteers, arranged for childcare and meals for volunteers, organized supplies, materials and tools, and raised the necessary funds for the new playground, which was built in five days!


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