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Crellin Elementary School
115 Kendall Drive
Crellin, MD 21550
Phone 301.334.4704

Second Grade 2014-2015

Second grade students spent time in the barn with the sheep and hens.
Students decided to build the hens perches with materials they found in the schoolyard.
After many attempts, the students tried out the perches and perfected their perches.
Students weighed the eggs using a balance then learned to use the PASCO sensors
Students harvested the vegetables they picked from the garden and prepared them for lunch.
With Ms. Sarah and Mrs. Mayne, students studies the soils in different schoolyard ecosystems.
Students conducted a biological stream study in Snowy Creek.
Students learned to make an iMovie highlighting what they learned during Camp.
Students used pumpkins to explore measurement concepts in math class.
Nothing is as much fun as sticking your hand into a pumpkin!
The seeds in the pumpkin are good manipulatives to use in math class.
Students sorted and counted the seeds - some which could be baked for a snack.