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Crellin Elementary School
115 Kendall Drive
Crellin, MD 21550
Phone 301.334.4704

Fourth Grade 2014-2015

Mrs. Stephens and her students helped with barn chores during the Summer Camp.
Students learned about their watershed and the impact we have on what happens down stream.
You never know what you will find during a biological study in Snowy Creek!
Students learn perseverance and patience when conducting a study.
Students learned how to manage our blog and how to create an iMovie.
Students conducted our first meadow study and found there was more there then they could see!
Identifying the insects found and documenting the findings takes team work!
Fourth grade students use their creative talents to demonstrate their understandings in social studies. They learned about the homes and communities of early Americans then built models to represent these structures. We have very talented artists in fourth grade!