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Crellin Elementary School
115 Kendall Drive
Crellin, MD 21550
Phone 301.334.4704

First Grade 2014-2015

First grade joined Mrs. Gilpin this summer and explored the EEL.
They examined the plants and animals they found in our wetlands.
In their journals, they drew what they observed in the Hemlock Forest.
Using kicknets they conducted a biological study of Snowy Creek.
Using scientifc tools these young scientists identified the various species found.
Mrs. Gilpin fried the students eggs they got from our own hens!
Nothing starts the day like a really fresh breakfast!
They mixed up some treats for the chickens!
First grade students have teamed with the Oak Park Church of the Brethren to support one of the Church's mission projects. The last wednesday of each month the Church hosts a free dinner for the community. First grade students are assisting by cooking part of the meal and delivering it to the Church. Pastor Carl Fike and Mrs. Gilpin explained the project to the students. Students love cooking each month and look forward to helping serve their cooking the community members at the church.
Ava and Laurel attended the dinner at the church.
Eli and Mrs. Gilpin ate the pie the class baked!
The kids helped clear the tables.
The kids fit right in with the Church's cooking crew!