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Crellin Elementary School
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Crellin, MD 21550
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Fifth Grade 2014-2015

During our Summer Camp, fifth grade students helped harvest vegetables from our garden.
They helped clean and prepare them so we could use them as part of our lunch program.
Students participated in team building activities that prepared them for future experiences.
Dr. Miller and Mrs. German led them through activities including one on sundials.
Younger students were amazed at what the fifth graders found during a stream study!
Students used compasses and measuring tools to create a map of the EEL.
After studing the chickens, students create 3-dimensional models using one piece of wire!
Bird banding with Dr. and Mrs. Pope is always an adventure. This year Mrs. Skipper also joined us on a cold and wet morning at Mt. Nebo for an amazing experience. Students found there is nothing quite like holding a bird in the palm of your hand - feeling it's heart beating as it lays motionless. We watched as our experts untangled the birds from the nets and collected and documented data on their measurements. Students proved to be knowledgeable in identification of each species and cautious in their handling of the birds. 
Removing the birds from the net is a delicate process!
After collecting data on the birds, students had the opportunity to hold them.
Dr. Miller led a class project that involved learning about solar energy and the construction of an automatic chicken door opener.
Understanding the flow of energy was critical for students in order to comprehend how the door would work.
Dr. Miller had lots of help when Installing the door!
Students are able to see the results of their work.