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Crellin Elementary School
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Trout in the Classroom

For the sixth year, Crellin Elementary School is participating in the Trout in the Classroom national project. This project is sponsored by Trout Unlimited. Several state Trout Unlimited organizations across the nation provide curriculum that assist teachers in linking the program to science, math, reading, and writing standards. By participating in the program students not only learn many academic lessons but they become engaged in a program that allows them to give back to nature. We are thankful for our friends in our local Trout Unlimited Organization and the Department of Natural Resources who assist us each year in making the program a succes.
Ed Spurr, a local TU member arrived on January 8, 2014 with Kamloop Rainbow Trout eggs.
Students watch the thermometer placed in the small jar of eggs as the eggs are tempered.
The eggs are tempered to ensure that their temperature is the same as the aquarium water.
When the temperature is correct the eggs are gently placed in the egg basket.
The small, orange, sphere shaped eyed eggs occasionally wiggle on their own!
As the eggs hatch the fry eat the sac. They will swim to the top when they are ready for food.
Students test the pH and ammonia each day to be sure the water quality remains healthy.
Students enjoy observing the trout as they swim in the egg basket.