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Crellin Elementary School
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Student Learning Adventures

Adventure at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, West Virginia
Fourth and fifth grade students had a day of learning at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, West Virginia. We were welcomed by Glenville College students and the NRAO staff. 
Ms. Sarah, NRAO staff, explained to us the "quite area" around the facility. We could not use any electronics in certain areas (including digital cameras). We learned about radio waves and the telescopes that captures them.
We were all on the edge of our seat while watching the demonstrations!
Students built models of the earth and moon. Do you know how many moons would fit inside earth? 
We explored the Exhibit Hall while searching for sound waves coming through the hand held radios.
Everybody (even Clayton) got to crawl through the tunnel and sit in the Star Lab for a lesson on constellations. 
Students built their own GBT (Green Bank Telescope). Although they weren't as large as the one we saw up close they were quite strong.
Building their own GBT made students realize the precise measurements and details that went into building the real one.
This is a photo of the control panel that was in the underground bunker next to the 40 foot telescope. We had to use a disposable camera to take these pictures. 
Glenville College students taught our students how to work the control panel. They practiced on a cardboard model before trying their skills on the real panel. 
Each group had a mission and spent time in the bunker collecting data. 
Students had to be precise and work as a team to control the telescope and complete the mission.
We will analyze the data collected with the help of Glenville students when we meet via the Polycom. 
Students watched the telescope move as their friends controlled it from inside the bunker. 
Third grade students went to Southern High School and participated in a class with Mr. Kisner. Assisted by his students, Mr. Kisner taught Crellin students about the importance of soil. Students went on a tour of Southern High School's greenhouse and they helped the high school students harvest lettuce. It was a great morning full of learning! 
Crellin students assisted Southern High School students as they harvested lettuce in the greenhouse.
Crellin students participated in a hands-on demonstration about soil led by Southern High School students.