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Crellin Elementary School
115 Kendall Drive
Crellin, MD 21550
Phone 301.334.4704

Partnership with Glenville State College

A field trip this spring to GSC gave Crellin students a chance to work with professors and students, tour the campus, and see a show in the Performing Arts Center. For additional photos of activities between Crellin and GSC go to the individual grade level and Student Learning Adventures pages.
Professor Joseph Wood and students in his Math Methods course engaged Crellin students in an "Action Fraction" activity. 
Students were challenged to create a 60-km bike path. Their plans had to incorporate specific parameters related to fractions.
Each group worked cooperatively and were guided by GSC students. Crellin students received feedback on their designs.
Third grade students also explored fractions.
Students investigated the meaning of factions and created fraction models.
With the help of Math Methods students, Crellin students gained a deeper understanding of fractions. 
Students joined a Vertebrate Zoology class with Professor Ross Conover. Third grade students learned about different traps used in the wild. 
Crellin students joined the college class in the field and assisted Professor Conover as he installed a net used to capture birds.
The Glenville College students were impresssed with Crellin students' knowledge of birds!
Crellin students hung on every word spoken by Professor Conover.
Life Science instruction continued as students joined Professor Gary Morris in his Cell Biology class.
GSC students assisted Crellin students as they examined cells through the microscopes in the science laboratory. Crellin students were thrilled to have the opportunity to use the equipment in the laboratory.
Crellin students took notes and made drawings of the images in the microscopes.
Our Crellin students looked at home in the science laboratory!
Professor David O'Dell led a demonstration of a chemical reaction for Crellin students.
Professor Kevin Evans prepared students for the silver mirror bottle activity.
Student members of the American Chemical Society assisted Crellin students with the chemical experiments.
Crellin's young budding chemists were serious about their work while in the laboratory. There were countless learning moments!
Students helped with a chemical demonstration involving crushing cans.
GSC students guided our students through a number of cheical demonstrations.
Crellin students rode on a hovercraft which was designed and built by GSC students. 
Dr. Joe Evans helped students answer one of their many "I wonder" inquiries.
Crellin students joined the GSC professors for lunch.
Self serve ice cream in the GCS cafeteria! 
In addition to all the learning activities, students got a tour of the campus and went to a percussion concert.
College life can be exhusting!