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Crellin Elementary School
115 Kendall Drive
Crellin, MD 21550
Phone 301.334.4704

First Grade

Mrs. Gilpin- First Grade

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Mrs. Gilpin and her first grade students make frequent visits to the barn to interact with our animals.
First grade students used shredded paper to fill the boxes where the hens lay their eggs.
They noticed that when running around the barnyard the hens would lay eggs in the sheep's straw.
Students decided to set up an experiment to determine if the hens preferred to lay eggs in the shredded paper, straw, or a mix of the two. 
Students are collecting data each day and documenting which boxes the hens are using the most. 
Students keep track of the data on paper.
Students take the data collect on paper and transfer it to the computer. They use an Excel document to keep track of the data. One student was taught how to input the data then taught the other students. Students have learned how to create pie graphs with the data for analysis.