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Crellin Elementary School
115 Kendall Drive
Crellin, MD 21550
Phone 301.334.4704

Fifth Grade

Teacher:  Rebecca Sanders
Fifth grade students enjoyed a day at Snowy Creek while conducting a biological study.
Fifth grade students welcomed Sean Crellin, a descendant of Roland P. Crellin.
Dr Miller and fifth grade students explore the topic of sound waves using a slinky.
Fran Pope takes students on a "walk about" through the EEL. 
Students are on the edge of their seats when Dr. Miller facilitates demonstrations.
Mrs. Pope points out the differences between the birds at the banding station.
Each student had the opportunity to hold a bird in the palm of their hand. 
Dr. Pope examines a bird with Madison. Students are becoming proficient identifying the species.
Students use a program on the Companion Computers to measure the height of trees in the EEL.
Max Peterson, former NASA engineer, shares his story with students. He facilitates demonstrations to explain space concepts.
JD Repp, WVU Agriculture student, spent the day with fifth grade teaching them about soil.
Students took their new knowledge outside to analyze the soil in Rose Mary's Garden.
They measured the raised beds to determine how many of each vegetable would fit in each bed.
Students used their math skills and lot of cooperation to finish the task.
Students also had to document all their findings so the first grade students would know where to plant.
Students added the necessary soil and compost to be certain the garden would be ready for the plants.