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Home of Sunshine Farm!

Photo of students and staff receiving recognition from the GCBOE


Crellin Elementary Brochure 



2017-2018 Bus Schedule:
 Specific stop times can be found on the Garrett County Board of Education web page under Transportation. The new arrival and departure times to and from Crellin are as follows:

Bus 35:            Drop Off:  8:10                        Pick Up:  3:40
Bus 79:            Drop Off:  8:10                        Pick Up:  3:40

Private Transportation:          Drop Off:  7:45-8:10                Pick Up:  3:30-3:40
The Crellin Pledge 

I pledge to myself, my family, and my school that I will:  Follow all school rules, take responsibility for my work and my actions, and show respect for myself and others.  I will strive to be the best person I can be.

Our Vision

All students attending Crellin School, given the time and support from staff, parents, and community will become life long learners in our ever changing society.


Crellin Elementary Named a Maryland Sustainable Green School

Photo of students and staff being recognized by the Board of Education
Crellin Elementary School was recognized by the Garrrett County Board of Education for earning the recognition of "Sustainable Green School" from the Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education. Check out our website application to see how we earned the recognition.


Crellin Elementary School Featured on" Schools That Work" by Edutopia

Watch the four videos that show what is happening at Crellin!


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Invitation to Crellin's Learning Celebration on June 12, 2014

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