K-12 COVID-19 Testing

Tells that there is  a free testing program at school
Garrett County Public Schools (GCPS) is participating in the Maryland K-12 COVID-19 Testing Program to provide free COVID-19 tests as an additional resource for students and staff. The COVID-19 Testing Task Force, Maryland Department of Health (MDH), and Maryland Department of Education (MDE) have developed this program to provide free COVID -19 tests for school systems. The Garrett County School nurses have been helping the Garrett County Health Department (GCHD) with COVID-19 testing and have collected hundreds of specimens. They are well trained in COVID-19 testing, vaccinations, and contact tracing. Dr. Jennifer Corder, MD, Deputy Health Officer at GCHD, is serving as program physician. The state has provided rapid antigen point-of-care (POC) tests and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) specimen collection tests to be sent to MAKO labs. This is a voluntary program. Here is how it works:


  • If your child shows symptoms of COVID-like symptoms (CLS) at school or is discovered to have been in close contact with a COVID-19 positive individual, the parent/guardian will be called to pick up the student.
  • The nurse can provide information about test sites elsewhere if you choose not to have your child tested at school. If you would like the school nurse to provide testing, let her know.
  • Call the school when you arrive, and the nurse will bring your child to the car for dismissal.
  • The nurse will have you sign a consent for testing. The consent must be signed by the child’s parent or legal guardian. Grandparents, friends, or other family members cannot sign the consent for testing unless there is paperwork on file at school stating they are the child’s guardian and able to sign for medical treatment and procedures.
  • The POC rapid test takes 15 minutes for results. The nurse will swab the inside of both nostrils. If it is positive for COVID, no other testing is required. If your child is negative but has symptoms, a follow-up test can be provided that is sent to MAKO laboratories. This will require the nose to be swabbed twice; this is an intranasal swab inserted about an inch into both nostrils.




Keep your ill child home and call your child’s school nurse if you would like them tested. The nurse will work with you to make an appointment time for you to drive up to the school, and she will come out and test your child.
Free testing supplies are provided for use by students and staff.
Besides the school testing programs there are a variety of testing locations available in Garrett County with differing criteria.
Testing will be conducted at the Garrett County Health Department in Oakland from Monday through Friday. Call 301-334-7697 to schedule an appointment or go to
For anyone age 18 and younger:
Friendsville – Mondays, 9 am -12 pm, Northern Garrett Rescue Squad, Station 3, 320 Chestnut Street. No appointment needed.
Grantsville – Wednesdays, 9 am -12 pm, Northern Garrett Rescue Squad, Station 1, 124 Miller Street. No appointment needed
Oakland – Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, 9 am -12 pm, Garrett County Health Department, 1025 Memorial Drive. Call 301-334-7770 for an appointment.
For all age groups:
  • Call your primary care provider to ask about testing at the doctor’s office.
  • Call Urgent Care Centers to ask about testing at their center.
  • Testing is available at CVS in Oakland. To schedule a test, go to
  • If you have a doctor’s order for testing, call Garrett Regional Medical Center (GRMC) in Oakland for testing:
  1. With symptoms: Monday through Thursday during normal business hours. Once you have your provider’s order for a Rapid test, call 301-533-4670 to schedule an appointment. Hospital staff will meet you at your car under the canopy at the front of the hospital at the designated appointment time. The result will be called to your provider within an hour.
  2. Without symptoms: No need to call ahead. Just bring your provider’s order to the hospital and register as you would for any lab work. This test will be sent out and the results normally come back in 2-3 days.
The Maryland Department of Health encourages the following individuals to get COVID-19 tests:
  • Individuals with symptoms that could be COVID-19
  • All who suspect exposure, including those who don’t have symptoms
  • Individuals who are at risk of exposure, including workers in frequent contact with the public in health care, emergency services, food and grocery, retail or manufacturing, public transportation, educational, and other congregate settings
  • Individuals who have been in large gatherings
  • Individuals who have traveled recently.