Face Covering Information

Face Coverings (Optional)

Effective March 1, 2022, face coverings will be optional in all GCPS facilities. This is a result of the Maryland Department of Education and the Joint Committee on Administrative, Executive, and Legislative Review approving the removal of the statewide mask mandate thereby making the decision a local decision. The Garrett County elected Board of Education met on February 24, 2022 where Superintendent Barbara Baker made the recommendation to make face-coverings optional in all GCPS buildings, effective March 1, 2022. The Garrett County Board of Education voted unanimously in favor of the Superintendent's recommendation. GCPS will continue to provide masks for any individual who chooses to wear a face covering as a safety precaution. This includes KN95 masks, which have been distributed to each GCPS facility.
Staff and students are authorized to use their own face coverings. Any logos or embellishments must meet the standards for what is appropriate for schools. Ideally face coverings should be held on the face by loops around the ears. GCPS will provide face coverings if students or staff wish to have them provided.
GCPS will provide social- emotional instruction specifically to support the personal choice of wearing a mask or not when masks are encouraged and not mandated.

Face Coverings for School Transportation (Optional)

On February 25, 2022, the federal mask order for public school bus transportation was lifted by the CDC. As such, effective March 1, 2022, face-coverings will be optional on GCPS school buses. GCPS will continue to provide masks to those individuals who choose to wear a face covering as a safety precaution.

Community Transmission Rate:

The community transmission rate will be entered each Friday and reflect a six week period of time.
The CDC updated its COVID-19 guidelines, urging residents who live in counties with substantial or high levels of community transmission to wear masks in indoor spaces, no matter their vaccination status.
How the CDC classifies transmission levels:
• Low: 0-10 new cases per 100K residents over the past week or 0-5% positivity rate
• Moderate: 15-50 new cases per 100K residents over the past week or 5-8% positivity rate
• Substantial: 50-100 new cases per 100K residents over the past week or 8-10% positivity rate
• High: 100+ new cases per 100K residents over the past week or 10%+ positivity rate
You can monitor the community transmition at CDC COVID-19 Data Tracker

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Date Rate
May 13, 2022 Low
May 20, 2022 Low
May 27, 2022 Low
June 3, 2022 Low
June 10, 2022 Low
June 17, 2022 Low
Athletics and Extra-curricular Activities:
  • Spectators are encouraged to socially distance to the greatest extent possible indoors and sit in family pods.
  • Masks and face-covering are optional.

CDC About Face Coverings

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