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Welcome To Broad Ford Elementary!!

Welcome To Broad Ford Elementary!!

Broad Ford Elementary Staff

Delay Schedules

2 hour delay:
Start time 10:25 am
Students can be dropped off no earlier than 9:55 am
Lunch Schedules are the same as a regular day
3 hour delay:
Start time 11:25am
Students can be dropped off no earlier than 10:55 am
Lunch Schedules
11:30-12 Pk and K
11:35-12:05 1st Grade
12:10-12:40 2nd Grade
12:15-12:45 3rd Grade
12:50-1:20 4th and 5th Grade


The Strategic Facilities Committee will hold three community feedback sessions on September 17, 18, and 19, 2019. These sessions will provide community members with an opportunity to offer their views on the preliminary recommendations of the Committee, which was appointed by the Board of Education in March 2019. The Committee will deliver final recommendations to the Board in November 2019. Since the community feedback sessions are critical to the success of the Committee’s work, they will be recorded so that no input, comments or questions are overlooked during the development of the final recommendations. Each listening session will be preceded by a brief presentation on the Committee’s preliminary recommendations.
The community feedback sessions will be held between 6:30 and 8:30 pm at the following locations:
Tuesday, September 17: Southern Garret High School Cafeteria, 345 Oakland Drive, Oakland, MD
Wednesday, September 18: Garrett College, Room 111/112 of the Garrett Information Enterprise Center (GIEC) Building, 687 Mosser Road McHenry, MD
Thursday, September 19: Northern Middle School Cafeteria, 371 Pride Parkway, Accident, MD
Community members are encouraged to attend one of these sessions to share their feedback regarding the preliminary recommendations of the Strategic Facilities Committee.



For the safety of our students, we are restructuring our Parent Pickup. Starting on September 4, 2019, we will have parents/guardians enter at the back doors as usual and head directly in to the cafeteria. You will then wait for your child at the table designated for their grade level and sign them out as you exit the side doors of the cafeteria near the right side of the kitchen. There will be staff waiting to guide you through should there be any confusion.


We will continue to follow the guidelines documented on page 9 of the Broad Ford Student Handbook.
The back doors will be unlocked by 3:00 for anyone picking up students. Please park in the back parking lot and use the rear entrance to the school. The front of both schools is reserved for buses only. Students who are picked up every day will be designated as “Permanent Pick-ups.” Students who will be picked up for just that day must have a signed note for that day. Please do not call the school to change arrangements unless you have an emergency or a special appointment. All students will be signed out by the back entrance every day by a parent or other authorized person. One staff person will have the “Permanent Pick-up” list and a sign-out sheet for that day only. All parents are to wait in the cafeteria until students are dismissed from their classrooms. No students or parents will be permitted to wait in the hallway, as it is a very busy time of day. Students will be required to go into the cafeteria to meet the person who has signed them out. We are doing this to ensure the safety of all of our students each day. All students who are being picked up will be called for dismissal at 3:10. Please be sure all permanent pick-ups are picked up by 3:30 at the latest.


Please note the following changes:
  • All parents must enter through the back doors and report to their child’s designated table in the cafeteria. If you have more than one child, report to the youngest child’s table.
  • Sign your child out by the side door of the cafeteria on the right of the kitchen. This door will then lead you to the back parking lot.
  • Parents are asked to report to the cafeteria to pick up their child. No parents are permitted in the hallways to ensure the safety of our students.
  • If you need your child before 3:10, please come to the main office for sign out. The secretaries will call the classroom for your child.
  • It is important that parents make plans for their child’s transportation (pick up or bus number) the night before and put a note in their planner or folder, especially if the plan is different from usual. Please DO NOT call the school to change arrangements unless you have an emergency. Any calls made after 2:00 for changes will NOT be granted unless it is an emergency.


Please be patient and help us as we make these adjustments to keep our students safe!


Thank you,


Mrs. Ashby - Principal


Mission Statement

Broad Ford Elementary staff aspires to unfold studnet potential by using teaching practices that are reflective and responsive based on student needs. We will provide an atmosphere of safety, teamwork and mutual respect among staff, students, family, and community.

Vision Statement

Our vision at Broad Ford Elementary is, through a collaborative effort, to prepare our students to respect core values, become creative problem-solvers through critical thinking skills, to become lifelong learners and positive contributors to society.