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Policies and Procedures

Open Policies and Procedures Handbook

Please Note:  Garrett County Public Schools is now leveraging the National School Board Association (NSBA) system for codifying school board policies and district regulations. We are currently in the process of revising our policy and procedures to reflect this. Please refer to this as necessary when a policy/procedure item is classified using the recently adopted NSBA system. 

The system is contained in 12 sections, or chapters, as follows:

 Foundations and Basic Commitments
 School Board Governance and Operations
 General School Administration
 Fiscal Management
 Support Services
 Facilities Planning and Development
 School-Community- Home Relations
 Education Agency Relations


 Draft Policies and Procedures

The below policies are awaiting the Board of Education review and approval. In some cases, the corresponding procedure is also listed below for review. To review these draft documents, select the links below.



GCC Employment of Non-Administrative Professional Employees Procedure



Recently Retired Policies and Procedures


To submit feedback regarding the Draft Policies, please email:  


Please include the Policy or Procedure number you are referencing in the email. Thank you.