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Minutes June 8, 2010



Oakland, Maryland 21550


Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Part I - Call to Order

Dr. Donald Forrester, President, called the regular monthly meeting of the Board of Education to order at 4:02 p.m.  Also in attendance were Mr. Thomas Carr, Vice President; Mr. James Raley; Mrs. Charlotte Sebold; and Mr. Rodney Durst, associate members and Dr. Wendell Teets, Superintendent of Schools.  

            Part II – Public Comment

            There was no public comment at this time.

                        Part III – Executive Session

             Upon a motion by Mrs. Sebold and a second by Mr. Carr, the Board of Education agreed (4-0) to move to executive session at 4:03 p.m. in accordance with Public Law 4-106 and Section 10-508 of the State Government Code for the purpose of discussing personnel matters affecting one or more individuals.  Board members discussed personnel items that included approval of the May 11, 2010 minutes, the interview for the 2010-2011 student board member, appointments, retirements, resignations, professional leave requests, and 2010-2011 personnel planning.

Dr. Teets, Mr. Ervin Fink, Executive Director of Administration; and Mrs. Sue Waggoner, Executive Director of Instruction; were present during all or part of the executive session.

                        Part IV – Reopening Public Session

            Dr. Forrester reconvened the public session at 5:37 p.m.  Pastor Jeff Kroll, representing the Mt. Top Ministerial Association, offered a prayer, after which Mr. Ian Aiken, student board member, led the assembly in the Pledge to the Flag of the United States of America.  

                        Part V - Acceptance of Agenda

Upon a motion by Mr. Durst and a second by Mrs. Sebold, the Board approved (4-0) the agenda.

                         Part VI – Announcements

The following announcements were offered:

June 11            7:30 p.m.         Swan Meadow Graduation

June 14                                    1:00 p.m. dismissal

June 15                                    1:00 p.m. dismissal

June 16                                    1:00 p.m. dismissal

June 17                                    Last day for teachers

June 17            6:00 p.m.         Retirement Dinner at Will O’ Wisp


·       Ms. Jennifer Burdock Rankin, 2009-10 Maryland State Teacher of the Year, has been named as one of ten “Up and Comer” Influential Marylanders of 2010.


·       The following schools have received Green School Awards:  Route Forty (Model Green School), Northern High-new award, Yough Glades and Swan Meadow—renewals.  Sixty-five percent of Garrett County Schools are Green Schools.


Part VII - Approval of Minutes

Upon a motion by Mrs. Sebold and a second by Mr. Carr, the minutes of May 11, 2010 were unanimously approved as amended. 

Part VIII – New Business

            Mrs. Sandy Rodeheaver presented the paper bids for FY 2011.  She indicated that six bids were received and that one of the six was incomplete.  Dr. Teets recommended the Liberty Distributors, Inc. quote in the amount of $42,751.26.  RIS came in with the lowest bid but was not recommended because it does not guarantee delivery in the times that were requested.  Upon a motion by Mr. Carr and a second by Mr. Durst, the board voted (4-0) to select Liberty Distributors, Inc. for the FY 2011 paper order.

Dr. Lauver reviewed the 2010 revisions to the Student’s Rights, Responsibilities, and Discipline Handbook with the Board.  He explained that the handbook has been updated to be in alignment with COMAR.  The Board also asked Dr. Lauver to research proper phrasing for guilt by association.  The revisions will be an action item in July. 

Mrs. Jennifer Kotulak, Director of Special Education, presented the Special Education Staffing Plan.  She informed the Board that there are no changes in the actual staffing  just adjustments in hours to serve the students.  She also explained to the Board that local service providers are not used because they have not been interested in the past.  The service providers currently being used provide more educational services.  The Special Education Staffing Plan will be listed as an action item on the July agenda. 

Mr. Ed Wildesen, Director of Transportation, gave an overview of what has changed since he acquired the position and the transportation department’s successes.  He reviewed the amount of bus passes, request for bus stops, bus discipline referrals, health forms, evaluations, bus inspections, drug and alcohol tests administered, and bus accidents that the transportation department has processed.  He informed the board that a new driver awareness program is currently being developed and that there is a plan being created to ensure that drivers have immediate access to student health information in the event of an emergency.  He also informed the Board that there have been five routes eliminated.  Mr. Wildesen shared future goals for the transportation department.  He discussed the need for a new communication system for drivers, routing software, a GPS system, an increase in security cameras on buses (approximate cost of $2,500 per bus); and a revamped transportation website. He indicated that he looks forward to a strong partnership in education with the Board.  Dr. Teets expressed that Mr. Wildesen has taken on an aggressive leadership role, and has worked very hard and he appreciates all that he has done.  Mr. Wildesen will meet with the Board again in September.  The Board thanked Mr. Wildesen for his report.

            Part IX - Recognition

Mrs. Baker introduced Ms. Michele Goady, MSDE Director of Reading First, and Ms. Ava Spencer, MSDE Coordinator of Reading First, who were present to recognize Yough Glades Elementary School and Grantsville Elementary School for their success with the Reading First Program.  She also introduced Mr. Keith Harvey, Principal, Yough Glades Elementary and Mr. Matt Eggleston, Principal at Grantsville Elementary.

Ms. Goady stated that on behalf of MSDE and Dr. Grasmick that they are very delighted to be in Garrett County to celebrate the great things happening within the school system.  Ms. Goady gave a brief history of Reading First and the relationship with Garrett County.  She recognized Mrs. Waggoner and Mrs. Baker for their leadership with the program.  She stressed the most important aspect is the achievement of the children at Yough Glades and Grantsville.  She informed the Board that the participants of Reading First across the state in first, second, and third grade are all reading on level.        

Mr. Keith Harvey, Yough Glades, introduced his reading coach, Ms. Amy Harvey.  He shared how fortunate Yough Glades is to have the strategies and resources being provided by Reading First.  He also introduced other key reading staff including first grade teacher, Ms. Tammy Ewing; and second grade teacher, Ms. Sue Hillen.  On behalf of Dr. Grasmick and all of those with the Maryland Reading First Initiative, Ms. Goady presented Mr. Harvey with a certificate of recognition for a job well done.

Mr. Eggleston, Grantsville, introduced teacher, Ms. Megan Knepp, third grade teacher.  He added that the funds and services have been great for the Reading First Program.  Ms. Goady presented Mr. Eggleston with a certificate of recognition for a job well done. 

Ms. Goady also presented Mrs. Baker with a certificate of appreciation for managing the Reading First Program.  She then thanked the Board for allowing the time for recognition and said that the Reading First Program has really been effective in Garrett County.  Dr. Teets thanked both Ms. Goady and Ms. Spencer for their support and added that he is very proud of the staff’s accomplishments.  Mrs. Baker added that the schools that do not get the Reading First funding are utilizing many of the strategies adopted by the Reading First schools.  Mrs. Waggoner recognized Dr. Forrester for being the author of the original Reading First grant.

Each year at the Student’s Arts Fair, Susquehanna Bank supports the Board of Education in the purchase of student artwork.  This year, the Board of Education purchased a painting, Be Different, by Ashley Copper.  Ms. Copper is a Northern High School student and enjoys expressing her personality through her paintings.  She plans to attend art school in West Virginia or Pittsburgh. Ms. Copper’s parents, Debbie Beitzel and Mark Copper, were present for the recognition.

The Board of Education also purchased a second piece of artwork.  Megan Matthews at Southern High School created a recycled piece of art, Palm Trees.  She was unable to attend the meeting to be recognized.

Dr. Forrester presented Ms. Copper with a check for the painting.  Mrs. Waggoner commented on all the amazing student artwork that has been purchased in the past and displayed at the central office.  The Board congratulated the students.

            Dr. Teets introduced Mr. Bruce Taliaferro, Coordinator of the Hickory Environmental Education Center, who gave an overview of the 4th Annual Charlie Strauss Earth Day Contest.  The contest is open to students from grades 5, 7, and 9 and presented in honor of Mr. Charles Strauss, who was the first coordinator of Hickory when it was opened in 1965.  Mr. Taliaferro introduced the two student winners, listed below, who read their essays for the board.  The high schools were unable to participate this year.  The topic this year was Last Child in the Woods – Nature Deficit Disorder.

·       Nichole Snyder                 Crellin Elementary School

·       Tybie Brenneman              Northern Middle School 

Each student shared their essays and Mr. Taliaferro presented both with a certificate and small gift, a book, Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv.  The board congratulated each student and thanked them for coming to the meeting to share their essays.  Board members acknowledged the students, teachers, and principals who were in attendance.  Dr. Teets and the board also thanked the parents and relatives of the students who were in the audience. 

            Mr. Harvey, principal of Yough Glades, introduced the Teacher of the Year, Ms. Robyn Nazelrod.  Ms. Nazelrod was present along with several of the staff from Yough Glades to share in this success.  Ms. Nazelrod has been teaching at Yough Glades for eleven years.  She currently teaches fourth grade and has taught first grade and second grade in the past.  Mr. Harvey praised Ms. Nazelrod for always going above and beyond to help her students in every aspect.  He commented that Yough Glades is very lucky to have Ms. Nazelrod as a teacher.

            Mrs. Waggoner shared that several people were able to accompany Ms. Nazelrod and her husband to the Teacher of the Year State Board of Education recognition luncheon.  Those attending were Dr. Teets, Mr. Carr, Mr. Harvey, Mr. Fink, Mrs. Waggoner, and Ms. Lori Bicehouse.  Jennifer Rankin, Maryland Teacher of the Year, was the keynote speaker at the luncheon.  Mrs. Waggoner expressed how proud we are of Jennifer and how well she has represented Garrett County and we have another outstanding teacher in Ms. Nazelrod.  She recognized her for all of the great work she has done with differentiating instruction for students.  As is shared each year, the teacher of the year is a representative of all of our outstanding teachers and both ladies are excellent representatives..

            Ms. Nazelrod thanked all in attendance for this opportunity.  She is very excited to represent the teachers of Garrett County.  She has a busy schedule and is looking forward to sharing her experiences with the other teachers in the county.  The Board and Dr. Teets congratulated Ms. Nazelrod and thanked the faculty of Yough Glades Elementary School for attending and for their support.

                        Part XI – Personnel Recommendations

            Dr. Teets recommended approval of the following personnel matters:

·       Appointments:       Sgt. Major Melvin Hoffman, JROTC Instructor, NH, eff. 07/01/10

                                    Heather P. Raybold, Pupil Personnel Worker (PPW), CO, eff. 08/05/10

                                    Ronald Bray, Assistant in Transportation, CI, eff. 07/01/10

                                    Daniel Cummings, Head Custodian, BL, eff. 07/01/10

                                    Timothy Dewitt, Custodian IV, BF, eff. 08/09/10                                   

·       Retirements:                Ervin L. Fink, Executive Director of Administration, CO, eff. 01/01/11

Anna May Norris, Teacher, NH, eff. 07/01/10

Sandra K. Schofield, Teacher, FV, eff. 07/01/10

Sandra K. Jamison, Instructional Assistant, BF, eff. 07/01/10


·       Resignations:               SFC James Warnock, JROTC Instructor, NH, eff. 07/01/10

Donald Fuller, Custodian, DR, eff. 05/10/10


·       Professional Leave Forms:     Power School University 2010

July 25-30, 2010

Boston, MA


National Reading First Conference

July 18-22 or 23, 2010

Anaheim, CA           

      Upon a motion by Mr. Carr and a second by Mr. Durst, the Board of Education approved (4-0) the superintendent’s recommendations.

                  Part X – Public Comment

      There was no public comment at this time.

                        Part VIII – New Business

            Mr. James Thomas, Director of Facilities Maintenance and Operations, presented a draft of the Comprehensive Maintenance Plan.  Mr. Thomas explained that all other information provided is fairly routine.  He will provide the Board with a list of the exact changes made prior to the July board meeting. The Comprehensive Maintenance Plan will be an action item on the July agenda.

            Mr. Thomas also presented the draft of the Educational Facilities Master Plan.  There are several pieces of information pending and will be updated prior to the July meeting.  Dr. Teets suggested that Mr. Thomas check with John Nelson, Director of Planning and Zoning, for any changes to the Garrett County Comprehensive Plan. The Educational Facilities Master Plan will be an action item on the July agenda.                 

            Mr. Raley pointed out that the July 2010 plan is very different from the July 2009 plan.  The July 2009 plan reflects possible renovations of some schools which the 2010 plan does not address.  This is due to the possibility of a reconfiguration of schools.  There was also mention in the July 2010 plan of some cosmetic construction to those schools that could possibly be vacated in the next year.  Mr. Thomas responded stating that the cosmetic construction items in the plan are rather minor and that those items will be completed for a matter of safety.  The Board thanked Mr. Thomas. 

                         Part XII – Board Business

            Mr. Aiken, Student Board Member, reported that all student councils have elected their members for next year and the next GCASC meeting is scheduled for some time in the fall.  He thanked the Board for all their help this year and stated that it has been a pleasure to serve in the position and he wished the best of luck to the incoming student board member.  Dr. Forrester commented that it has been a delight to have Mr. Aiken serve this year and presented him with a gift of appreciation from the Board for serving as student board member.

            The student nominated to serve as the 2010-2011 Student Board Member was Elizabeth Sines from Southern High School.  Upon a motion by Mr. Carr and a second by Mrs. Sebold, the Board of Education approved (4-0) Elizabeth Sines, Southern High School, to serve as the 2010-2011 Student Board Member.   Dr. Forrester congratulated and welcomed Ms. Sines.

            Dr. Forrester informed the Board that he received a letter from Steve Bounds in regards to the board representation to the Legal Services Association.  Currently, Mr. Carr is the director and Dr. Forrester is the alternate director with Mr. Fink.  After discussion, it was decided that Dr. Forrester will move up into Mr. Carr’s place, as Mr. Carr may assume another leadership position that will cause conflict, and Mr. Fink will remain the alternate. 

            Mr. Durst will attend a MABE budget meeting on June 21, 2010.

            Mr. Fink presented the FY 2011 Operating Budget for approval.  He informed the Board that numerous pages were provided but resulted in very little change to the budget.  He informed the Board that a lot of retirements have occurred and different salary line items have been changed to reflect those retirements.  He pointed out that the salary line items have decreased while the retiree health insurance has increased.  Middle school foreign language text books were also ordered due to the new language requirement next year. The textbooks were budgeted for $15,000.  The other major change is the reduction of funds being paid to Allegany County Schools to reflect the change of policy at the May meeting.

            It was mentioned by the Board that with all the adjustments made, the total budget would have decreased and instead the budget increased.  Mr. Fink explained that this was due to $25,000 in Medical Assistance funds that were originally applied against the insurance liability program.  After having discussion with the auditor, it was decided that these funds had to be included as part of the operating budget.  Several other issues regarding the budget were discussed. 

            Mr. Fink explained that the staff was advised to save as much money as possible in FY 2010 in order to help the carryover amount.  Dr. Teets added that if there isn’t a forced carryover, the budget will not balance.  Mr. Durst stated that the Board doesn’t want to get in a position where the funds are either spent or they have to be given back.  It’s not fiscally responsible to be given the ultimatum. Mr. Fink stated that overall 98% of the budget will be spent throughout the year and a carryover of 2% is less than recommended. 

            Mr. Fink informed the Board that there is $1,056,059 of stabilization funds in the budget and that some of those funds are in reoccurring expenses.  Mr. Raley pointed out that if the stabilization funds are no longer in place for FY 2012 that there will be a hole because of those funds as well as a $700,000 hole if there isn’t carryover for next year.  He also pointed out that the Board of Education may have to go to the county and ask for that 1.5 million dollar difference for FY12.  Mr. Raley expressed concerns of staff reduction.  Mr. Fink responded stating that there is a million dollars less of state funding this year and that needed to be responded to in balancing the budget. 

            Mr. Raley stated that budgets are about priorities and that prior to the Board’s vote, the budget is the superintendent’s and the administrative staff’s priorities.  After the vote it will become the Board of Education’s priorities.  He added that many of the things that are still in the budget are the hard decisions that no one wants to make but will need attention in the future.  He also feels that there wasn’t an ample amount of time spent by the Board on the budget.

            Dr. Forrester informed the Board that a budget must be submitted to the county before the end of the month.  Mr. Fink added that a budget must be presented to the state within 30 days after the county announces their appropriations. 

            Mr. Durst stated that he appreciates all the work that the administrative staff has done under the extreme budget circumstances and that what should be done is what is in the best interest of all students in Garrett County.  He appreciates the fact that programs were not cut.  Mr. Durst added that next year could be extremely worse.  Dr. Teets recommended the proposed budget to the Board.  A motion was made by Mr. Durst and a second by Mr. Carr.  After much more discussion, the Board of Education approved (3-2) the FY2011 operating budget.  Mr. Raley and Mrs. Sebold were not in favor and Dr. Forrester was in favor of the FY2011 operating budget.

            Due to summer schedules, the Board of Education approved to change the July monthly meeting from July 13, 2010 to July 19, 2010 and the August monthly meeting from August 10, 2010 to August 9, 2010.         

Part XIII –Recess

There being no further business, the meeting recessed at 9:15 p.m.  The Board returned to executive session.  

                         Part XIV –Adjournment

The Board adjourned the meeting at 10:25 p.m. 

                        Part XV - Information Items               

a.          Erate Funding

b.          April 2010 Attendance Bulletin

c.          June 2010 Hope Health Letter

d.          June 2010 School Activities Calendar

e.          Invitation for 2010 Retirement Dinner




Dr. Donald D. Forrester

Wendell D. Teets



Approved:   July 19, 2010