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Minutes November 10, 2009



Oakland, Maryland 21550


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Part I - Call to Order

Mr. Rodney L. Durst, President, called the regular monthly meeting of the Board of Education to order at 4:03 p.m.  Also in attendance were Dr. Donald Forrester, Vice President; Mr. James Raley; Mrs. Charlotte Sebold; and Mr. Thomas Carr, associate members and Dr. Wendell Teets, Superintendent of Schools.  

            Part II – Public Comment

            There was no public comment at this time. 

                        Part III – Executive Session

             Upon a motion by Mr. Carr, the Board of Education agreed (4-0) to move to executive session at 4:05 p.m. in accordance with Public Law 4-106 and Section 10-508 of the State Government Code for the purpose of discussing personnel matters affecting one or more individuals.  Board members discussed personnel items that included appointments, retirements, resignation, emergency coaches, and a professional leave request.

Dr. Teets, Mr. Ervin Fink, Executive Director of Administration; Mrs. Sue Waggoner, Executive Director of Instruction; were present during all or part of the executive session.  Commissioner Ernie Gregg was also in attendance.

                        Part IV – Reopening Public Session

            Mr. Durst reconvened public session at 5:39 p.m. Pastor Jeff Kroll, representing the Mt. Top Ministerial Association, offered a prayer, after which Mr. Ian Aiken, student board member, led the assembly in the Pledge to the Flag of the United States of America.  

Part V - Acceptance of Agenda

Upon a motion by Dr. Forrester, the Board approved (4-0) the agenda as amended.  The new business items were separated from the continuing business items and new business item Driver Education Program of Studies (Information) (10 minutes) – Presenter:  Mrs. Bell was added.

                         Part VI – Announcements


The following announcements were offered:


·       November 11                                      Report cards issued – Secondary

·       November 11                                      Veteran’s Day

·       November 11                                      JROTC Open House at SH

·       November11               4:30 p.m.         HEEC Open House

·       November 16-20                                 American Education Week

·       November 20 & 21     8:00 p.m.         Fall School Play – SH

·       November 25                                      Three Hour Early Dismissal

·       November 26-November 30               Schools Closed

·       December 12               9:00 a.m.         Lego Regional Competition at Northern High


·       H1N1 Update: Absences have decreased and schools are in the process of holding the H1N1 vaccine clinics.


·       On November 23, 2009, at 12:30 p.m., Sam Weaver along with some representatives for the MADA will present Jennifer Burdock Rankin, Maryland Teacher of the Year, with her new car and plates at Northern Middle School.


·       The high school choral concert was very good.


Part VII - Approval of Minutes


Upon a motion by Mr. Raley, the Minutes of October 13, 2009, were unanimously approved as amended. 

Part IX – Continuing Business

            Mrs. Bell was present to answer questions regarding the high school Art Program of Studies. Dr. Teets recommended the Art Program of Studies for approval.  Upon a motion made by Mr. Carr, the Garrett County Board of Education approved (4-0) the high school Art Program of Studies.

            The textbook, Art Talk, Fourth edition, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 2005 has been on display for public comment.  No public comments were recorded. Dr. Teets recommended the approval of the textbook.  Upon a motion by Mr. Carr, the Garrett County Board of Education approved (4-0) the textbook, Art Talk.

            Mrs. Bell presented the Bullying Coloring Book designed by several of the school nurses, Becky Aiken, Carolyn Tice, Kathy Shoemaker, and an art teacher, Melissa Bishoff.  The coloring book combines the awareness of asthma and bullying.  The funding for the coloring book is possible through the Safe and Drug Free School grant.  The coloring books are currently at the printers and will be distributed to all elementary school students next year and then distributed at kindergarten registration in future years. 

            Mrs. Bell reviewed the HSA Graduation Implementation Plan flowchart and standardized letters written to parents and students explaining the opportunities for students to pass the HSA.  The flowchart provides a visual for the steps students can take to reach their goal of passing the HSA.  The Board and Dr. Teets thanked Mrs. Bell for creating the visual flow chart process of the HSA

Mrs. Bell presented the Driver Education Program of Studies.  Mrs. Bell invited MVA to work with staff on revising the Program of Studies.  She explained that Garrett County is the only school system in the state to offer this type of program.  Students in the driver education program get above and beyond what is required by the MVA.  Mrs. Bell informed the Board that students can not be in the class until they have their learners permit.  A learner’s permit can be obtained at 15 years and 9 months.  Parents/guardians are expected to attend a meeting prior to their student taking the course.  The agenda includes insurance, parent expectations, and how the number of driving hours is logged.  This will be presented for approval at the December meeting.  The first-aid and CPR portion of the program has basically stayed the same.  Teachers are very appreciative of the funds that the Board provides to support the program.  The Board and Dr. Teets thanked Mrs. Bell for her presentation

            Part X – Recognition

Mr. Carr read a Proclamation (attached) in honor of American Education Week, November 15-21, 2009, which was signed by Board members and Dr. Teets.  A signed Proclamation will be distributed to each school.  The Proclamation was presented to Ann Ellis, President of GCEA.

Dr. Forrester read the Veterans Day Resolution (attached) in honor of Veterans Day, November 11, 2009, which was signed by Board members.  Mr. Durst recognized Mr. Jim Stewart, American Legion Post 71 Commander, who was in attendance to accept a copy of the Resolution in honor of all veterans.  Dr. Teets and the Board thanked Mr. Stewart for coming to the meeting.

            Part XIII –Board Business

Mr. Aiken attended the GCASC meeting on October 24 at Garrett College.  On October 27, he attended the Maryland Association of Student Council meeting.  While there, he attended workshops on dropout prevention and conflict resolution.  This Saturday he will be going to Prince George’s County for the Maryland Association of Student Council Annual Leadership Conference.  Mr. Aiken was scheduled to present a workshop; however, he will not be able to due to an invitation to go to Capital Hill on Friday with West Virginia University students.  He will be attending student council meetings at all schools to see if any of the councils have issues that may need to be brought to the Board’s attention prior to the spring meeting that the student councils normally attend.  The Board informed Mr. Aiken that they are available to attend student council meetings, if desired by the councils.  Mr. Aiken commented that a lot of the students and staff at Northern High School like the new schedule change.  It allows for longer planning periods for teachers and more concentrated instruction for the students.

There will be a legislative meeting held on Monday, November 16, 2009.  It was reported that there was a big turnout at last month’s meeting due to the various budget concerns of the state.  Mr. Carr added that a few other topics discussed were extending physical education, reoccurrence of retiree benefits, and labor relations board.

Dr. Teets will invite Senator George Edwards and Delegate Wendell Beitzel to the December meeting.  Commissioner Gregg left the meeting at 6:30 p.m.

            Part XII – Personnel Recommendations

            Dr. Teets recommended approval of the following personnel matters:

·       Appointments:              Edward S. Wildesen, Director of Transportation, CO, eff. 01/02/10

Heather P. Raybold, Coordinator of Staff Development and Curriculum, CO, eff. 11/16/09

Cody Wilt, Part-time Cafeteria Assistant, NX, eff. 11/16/09

Nannette Braithwaite, Part-time Cafeteria Assistant, DR, eff. 11/16/09


  • Retirements:                  Michele G. Eggleston, CO, effective November 1, 2009

Mamie C. Reckart, SX, effective January 1, 2010


  • Resignations:                 Gregory Foley, Teacher, DR, eff. 12/31/09


  • *Emergency Coaches:    Pete Brosnihan, Assistant Girls’ Basketball Coach, NH

Steve Fratz, Head Girls’ Basketball Coach, NH


·*Professional Leave Request:    

37th Annual “Be the Best You Are” Baseball Coaches Clinic

January 14-16, 2010

Crowne Plaza, Cherry Hill, NJ


Upon a motion by Dr. Forrester, the Board approved (4-0) the superintendent’s recommendations.

            Part XI – Public Comment

 There was no public comment at this time. 

            Part XIV –Adjournment

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:02 p.m.  

Part XIV - Information Items    

a.           Erate Funding YTD

b.          November Student Activities Calendar

c.           November Hope Health Newsletter

d.          November 2009 Home & School Connection

e.           Fall 2009 ASBO Matters

f.           The Paw Print (NH newspaper)



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James M. Raley Wendell D. Teets
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Approved:   December 8, 2009