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Minutes June 12, 2007





Tuesday, June 12, 2007


                                    Part I – Call to Order

            Mrs. Charlotte Sebold, President of the Garrett County Board of Education, called the meeting to order at 4:05 p.m.  Members in attendance included Mr. James M. Raley, Vice President; Mr. Thomas Carr, Mr. Rodney L. Durst, and Dr. Donald Forrester, associate members; and Dr. Wendell Teets, Superintendent of Schools.  Commissioner Ernest Gregg, ex officio member, was also present. 

                        Part II – Public Comment

            There was no public comment at this time. 

                        Part III – Recognition of Susquehanna Bank

            Dr. Teets recognized Mr. Jeff McCauley, representative of Susquehanna Bank, and Mrs. Carolyn Collen-Dubose, art teacher and coordinator of the Student Arts Fair.  Dr. Brenda McCartney, Assistant Superintendent, explained that the Bank provides funding for the Student Arts Fair that includes support for an art gallery reception for high school students and a yearly purchase of an outstanding piece of student art work which is displayed at the Board of Education office.  Dr. Teets presented a plaque to Mr. McCauley in recognition of the Bank’s generous support of fine arts, noting that the plaque will be displayed in the Board of Education first floor reception area.  The Board thanked Mr. McCauley for the funding to give an opportunity to showcase student work in the fine arts.  The Board also thanked Mrs. Collen-Dubose for coordinating the Student Arts Fair and for coming to the meeting. 

Part IV - Executive Session

Upon a motion by Dr. Forrester, seconded by Mr. Carr, the Board of Education unanimously agreed to move to executive session at 4:12 p.m. in accordance with Public School Law 4-106 and Section 10-508 of the State Government Code to discuss personnel matters affecting one or more individuals and to protect the privacy or reputation of individuals with respect to a matter that is not related to public business.  Commissioner Gregg; Dr. Teets; Dr. McCartney; and Mr. Ervin Fink, Executive Director of Administration, were in attendance during all or part of the executive session.  Personnel topics included a retirement, appointments, volunteer coaches, a request for leave without pay, and a professional leave and travel request.  Additionally, the Board discussed a matter which is not related to public business. 

                        Part V – Re-opening of Public Session

            Mrs. Sebold reconvened public session at 6:05 p.m.  The Rev. Daniel Winters, representing the Mt. Top Ministerial Association, offered a prayer after which Mr. Raley led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.

                        Part VI – Acceptance of Agenda

            Upon a motion by Dr. Forrester and a second by Mr. Carr, the agenda was unanimously approved with the following amendments:  Under Administration, add the Educational Facilities Master Plan for action and an update on Project Open Space; under Board Concerns, add Advisory Committee on Education membership for action; under Instruction, postpone the Extra-Curricular Handbook revisions and draft policy and procedure  on curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities until the July meeting.

            Mrs. Sebold asked that the topic of unfinished business be added to future agenda.  She will work with Dr. Teets on this matter.    

                        Part VII – Announcements       

C         June 12 is the last day for students.

         June 13 is last day for teachers.

         June 13:  Retirement Celebration at Will o’the Wisp, beginning at 6:00 p.m.

         June 13:  Open House for retiring central office staff.

         June 14:  Flag Day event at Garrett College at 6:00 p.m.

C         The Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools sent official notification in May that Northern High School has received accreditation renewal through May 1, 2014.

         Southern High School has placed in the annual awards for the Stock Market Game.  

      -Spring Stock Market:

            Brady Whealton, 1st place overall for Western Region (Garrett, Allegany, Washington, and Frederick counties), 2nd state-wide in the high school division competing

        with 1,637 teams throughout Maryland – recognized on May 30 at Towson University.

            Athena Wilson, 1st place in Western Region in the Adult Division, competing with 141 teams in Region – recognized in Hagerstown on May 23.

      -Fall Competition:

            Aaron Garner and Cathy Hughes, 1st place for Western Region

            Lisa Bender, 2nd place in Teacher category for state. 

C         Congratulations to Dennett Road Elementary staff for being recognized by the Instructional Consultation Office at the University of Maryland as one of 5 schools from among all ICT schools for their high level of implementation.  (The other schools are 2 from Michigan, 1 from Delaware, and 1 from North Carolina.)

C         Congratulations to Route Forty’s early childhood staff who have received Official Validation of their program by MSDE.  

C         Southern Garrett Cheerleaders took 2nd place for Spirit Unlimited in the 2007 Championships at Kings Dominion Spring Fest Competition.

C         Scott Bass, senior at Northern High School, was the winner of the Northrup Grumman Engineering scholarship.  He will be recognized at Northrup Grumman on Friday, June 15.

C         Megan Viar, a senior at Southern High School, was the runner-up in the Pittsburgh Regional Rotary Speech Contest.

         June 29 – July 1:  Southern High FBLA will attend the National Convention in Chicago.

C         Mr. Carr and Dr. Teets will attend the MABE Summer Leadership Conference on June 21-22, 2007 in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland.


                        Part VIII – Approval of Minutes

            Upon a motion by Dr. Forrester and a second by Mr. Raley, the Minutes of May 8, 2007 were unanimously approved as amended. 

                        Part IX – Administration

             Mr. Jim Thomas, Director of Facilities, Maintenance and Operations, presented bids submitted for fire alarm systems upgrade.  He explained that the bids encompassed potential upgrades for eight schools and that the bid amounts were guaranteed for one full year.  Aging School Funds for FY2007 and FY 2008 will be used to replace the fire alarm systems.  Northern Garrett High and Accident Elementary Schools were approved by the State to be completed in FY 2007.  Pending State approval, additional upgrades could be completed in FY 2008.  Dr. Teets recommended the Board approve the lowest responsible bid from Simplex Grinnell LP, up to the amount of the contract of $233,448 for the FY 2007 projects and pending approval of projects for FY 2008.  Upon a motion by Dr. Forrester and a second by Mr. Raley, the Board unanimously approved the superintendent’s recommendation. 

            Mr. Thomas presented the Comprehensive Maintenance Plan (CMP) for Educational Facilities of Garrett County – July 2007 for review.  The CMP will be an action item on the July agenda. 

            Mr. Thomas reviewed the Educational Facilities Master Plan which was presented for review at the May meeting.  Dr. Teets recommended approval of the EFMP.   Upon a motion by Dr. Forrester and a second by Mr. Raley, the Board unanimously approved the superintendent’s recommendation.

            Dr. Teets and Mr. Thomas gave an overview of Project Open Space funding which will be available in FY 2008.  Projects include upgrading the press boxes and football team rooms at both high schools, with work on tennis courts to be a priority the next year.  Mrs. Sebold asked that a list of proposed Project Open Space projects be presented to the Board prior to its submission to the County Commissioners next year.  Additionally, the Board asked Mr. Thomas to investigate draperies for the Board room windows. 

            Dr. Teets and Mr. Thomas noted the Northern Middle School renovation is proceeding as planned.  Parents were invited to an informational meeting at Northern Middle on June 5, 2007.  Modular classrooms are being readied and access plans will be presented to the Fire Marshall for approval.  A pre-bid meeting was held on May 31 for potential contractors, and submitted bids will be opened on June 29.  Board members expressed a concern about storage in the modular classrooms for student backpacks and coats, and traffic patterns when children have to be picked up in afternoon by parents.  Dr. Teets will address their concerns and report back. 

            Mr. Fink and Mr. Dale Kimble, Coordinator of Data Processing, presented two bids which were submitted for the replacement of a the AS400 mainframe computer currently in use.  Mr. Fink noted the current computer is nine years old and a newer system is required for newer versions of software and more memory.  Dr. Teets recommended approval of the bid submitted by CAS Severn from Laurel, Maryland in the amount of $38,681 for a new mainframe, System I 520 Express.  Upon a motion by Dr. Forrester and a second by Mr. Durst, the Board unanimously approved the superintendent’s recommendation.

Part X – Public Comment

            There was no public comment at this time. 

Part XI - Recognition of Future Business Leaders

            Mr. Kurt Lear, Supervisor of CTE/Certification introduced Hannah Gnegy, Nick Crabtree, and Andrew Sauder, students from Southern Garrett High School, and their advisor, Maria Zumpano.  Ms. Rose Jackson, another member or the team, was unable to attend the Board meeting.  The students won in their respective events at the State Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Conference and competition this past March.  Ms. Gnegy and Ms. Jackson competed in Multimedia and Mr. Crabtree and Mr. Sauder competed in Website Development.  Both teams placed first and will now represent Maryland FBLA at the National Conference in Chicago in June.  The students shared a Powerpoint program of their winning presentation, and gave an overview of their activities over the past year in FBLA.  Ms. Zumpano explained the FBLA is a non-profit national student organization for students interested in the business and/or computer fields.  Dr. Teets and Board members congratulated the students on their achievements and thanked them for coming to the meeting to share their experiences.

Part XII – Personnel Recommendations

            Dr. Teets recommended approval of the following personnel items:


·         *Retirements:          Elsie E. Slagle, Allied Health Teacher, SH/NH, eff. 07/01/07


·         *Appointments:        Michele G. Eggleston, Coordinator, Staff Development/School Improvement, Central Office, eff. 07/02/07

                                    Matthew C. Eggleston, Principal, GV, eff. 08/09/07

                                    Amy L. Grimm, Family Support Worker/School Guidance Counselor, AC/Northern Area, eff. 08/1/6/07

Frank A. Rizzo, Jr., English/Language Arts Teacher, NX, eff. 08/23/07

                                    Allison L. Rook, Math Teacher, SH, eff. 08/23/07

                                    Wendy A. Shoemaker, Special Education Teacher, SH, eff. 08/23/07

                                    Mark D. Wolf, Technology Education Teacher, NX, eff. 08/23/07

                                    Arnold W. Slaubaugh, Maintenance Technician/Building Inspector, Central Office, eff. 07/02/07

                                    Amy M. Barnhouse, Secretary III, Central Office, eff. 07/02/07

                                    Billie Jean Krupa, Secretary V, SH, eff. 07/02/07


·         Leave Without Pay:  Brenda Umbel, Cafeteria Assistant, FV, 5 days   


·         *Professional Leave and Travel Request:  51st American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association, July 28-August 1, 2007, Burlington VT  (one staff member)


Upon a motion by Dr. Forrester and a second by Mr. Carr, the Board unanimously approved the superintendent’s recommendations. 

Part XIII - Recognition of MICCA Award Winner

            Mrs. Sebold welcomed Mr. Chuck Trautwein, computer resource teacher, and Mr. Steve Cosner, electronics teacher at Southern Garrett High School.  Mr. Trautwein explained that he nominated Mr. Cosner for MICCA’s Maryland Outstanding Technology Using Educator of the Year award.  This award recognizes one educator from each Maryland school system and from the Association of Independent Maryland Schools (AIMS) for his or her use of educational technology in the teaching and learning process in Maryland schools.  Mr. Trautwein noted that Mr. Cosner is essential to the use of technology at Southern and has displayed strong leadership in the use of technology throughout our school system.  During his twenty-four years at Southern, Mr. Cosner has also functioned as an instructional technician, technology resource teacher (TRT), VICA advisor, and coach in track, cross country, track and field, and indoor track.  Additionally, Mr. Cosner has been a Garrett County Teacher of the Year.  Mr. Trautwein presented a plaque from MICCA to Mr. Cosner and thanked him for his professionalism and dedication.  Mr. Cosner added that he has received great support from Mr. Trautwein, other teachers, and central office technicians.  Dr. Teets and Board members congratulated Mr. Cosner and thanked him and Mr. Trautwein for coming to the meeting. 

                        Part XIV – Recognition of AIMS Award Winners

            Mrs. Sebold recognized Mr. Jim Morris, Supervisor of School Improvement and Staff Development who coordinated the Garrett County nominations for the statewide Achievement Initiative for Maryland Minority Students (AIMMS) awards, sponsored by AIMMS and MSDE.  Mr. Morris reported there are three winners from Garrett County for this year: 

  • Our Town Theatre, Inc.:            2007 Community Excellence for Minority Achievement Award
  • Emily Sisler:                              $1,000 AIMMS 2007 Student Excellence Scholarship
  • Michael Friend:                         2007 Educator Excellence for Minority Achievement Award

Mr. Morris explained that Emily Sisler, recent graduate of Northern Garrett High School, could not attend the meeting.  She was nominated because of her work with “Best Buddies,” as a counselor at Camp Sunrise Mountain, creating books with elementary students, a coach and volunteer, and other child-centered activities. 

            Mr. Morris introduced Mr. Mike Friend who is a case manager/drop-out prevention coordinator at Northern Garrett High School.  Mr. Friend works with students who are at risk of dropping out through his in-school tutoring program, the collaborative transitioning program, and the summer youth employment and training program.  Mr. Morris added that Mr. Friend has a strong commitment to these youth and encourages their academic progress.  Dr. Teets and Board members thanked Mr. Friend for his efforts and the improvement in the dropout rate.  Mr. Friend expressed his appreciation for his nomination and award. 

            Mr. Morris introduced Ms. Jane Avery, founder of Our Town Theatre, Inc., and Mr. Richard Hill and Ms. Lynne Elmlinger.  Our Town Theatre performances which are available to the school system cover topics such as bullying, drop-outs, eating disorders, and family relationships.  Additionally, the Theatre offers workshops and camps for students and has partnered with organizations such as Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, Maryland Special Olympics, Ruth Enlow Library, and Open Forum Eating Disorders.  Mrs. Sebold thanked Ms. Avery for all they do for the kids and the community.  Ms. Avery thanked the Board for their recognition and support of her programs. 

            The award recipients were recognized at a gala ceremony and dinner at Martin’s West in Baltimore on Friday, April 20, 2007.  Dr. Teets and Board members thanked Mr. Morris and the honorees for coming to the meeting. 

            Commissioner Gregg left the meeting at 7:40 p.m.

                        Part XV – Administration, continued

            Dr. Teets recommended approval of a revised organizational chart, page 2 of Board Policy 200 Administration, which reflects recent change from Assistant Superintendent to Executive Director of Instruction.  Upon a motion by Dr. Forrester and a second by Mr. Carr, the Board unanimously approved the superintendent’s recommendation.

                        Part XVI – Instruction

            Ms. Jennifer Kotulak, Supervisor of Special Education, presented the Special Education Comparative Staff/Funding Data – FY 2008 which was first reviewed at the May Board meeting.  Dr. Teets recommended approval of the special education staffing plan which is required by the state.  Upon a motion by Dr. Forrester and a second by Mr. Carr, the Board unanimously approved the superintendent’s recommendation.

            Dr. Phil Lauver, Supervisor of Pupil Services, distributed proposed 2007 revisions to the Student Handbook:  Rights, Responsibilities and Discipline.  Dr. Lauver noted that revisions address changes made by MSDE in attendance regulations, clarifications in school investigations/reports, and disciplinary measures.  Board members suggested changes which Mr. Lauver will incorporate into the document prior to it being an action item on the July agenda. 

                        Part XVII – Administration, continued

            Dr. Teets and Mr. Fink presented an overview of proposed FY 2008 budget adjustments to address a decrease of $389,125 in requested local funds, and to incorporate recommendations by the Board from the May meeting.  Dr. Teets explained that staff has given additional input, and highly recommended maintaining the high school library hours, continuing middle school summer academic intervention, and the purchase of new math texts.  Dr. Teets added that he feels it is important to maintain support of the robotics program and continue to offer after school activity buses.  Proposed adjustments included reducing some school designated projects under Maintenance of Plant, eliminating the Superintendent Designated Projects, eliminating the addition of a new special education bus, reducing the family support worker to .6 position, reducing funds for Project Lead the Way, reducing staff development budget, eliminating one instructional coach and a new maintenance position, eliminate funding for Green Schools, reducing funds for evening scheduling, reducing library/media budget, reducing data processing costs, and the reduction associated with reduced positions, a lower Worker’s Compensation amount, and a projected lower number of retirements. 

            Mr. Fink reviewed the recent County Commissioners’ decision to establish an $800,000 undesignated reserve fund effective with the FY 2008 budget, and which will be maintained thereafter.  Any carryover above this amount will be returned to the Commissioners at the end of each fiscal year.  Dr. Teets noted that the current undesignated carryover is $641,000.  He added that via the recent Memorandum of Understanding decision by the Commissioners to fund the above undesignated reserve, the long-term unfunded annual budget deficit has also been eliminated.  The FY 2008 budget had an unfunded deficit of $1,281,567 to be funded by the estimated prior year’s balance.  The Commissioners agreed to fund this deficit balance in our FY 2008 budget.  Therefore, the budget deficit has been eliminated and the estimated prior year’s balance will no longer need to be budgeted. 

            During discussion, Board members discussed how the Commissioner’s recent budget funding decision impacts the development of the Board’s budget, the necessity of keeping programs that directly impact the delivery of instruction, the need to maintain assessment scores and meet graduation requirements, the need for an additional maintenance person considering the renovation and other capital projects, the need to ensure that all money within the budget is diligently spent, and the savings realized by replacing retirees with staff starting at lower pay. 

            Mr. Durst moved to accept the revised budget with the following amendments:  retain the additional instructional coach; retain the new maintenance position, and retain fixed charges as necessary.  Upon a second by Mr. Carr, the Board unanimously approved the motion.  Mr. Fink and Dr. Teets noted the Board’s wishes will be reflected in the final version of the FY 2007 Operating Budget. 

                        Part XVIII – Board Concerns

            As Danielle Daniels, student member, was unable to attend the meeting, she will be invited to attend the July meeting.

By consensus, the July Board meeting was moved to Monday, July 16, 2007 to accommodate schedules.  If necessary, the Board will hold a special meeting on July 2, 2007 at 5:45 p.m.

            The Board will submit Mr. Tom Carr as a candidate for MABE Board of Directors.

            In response to a request from MABE, Mrs. Sebold will continue as LSA representative, with Dr. Forrester and Mr. Fink to serve as alternates. 

            Dr. Teets recommended approval of Mr. Brandon Butler, representing the Republican Central Committee, as a member of the Advisory Committee on Education.  Upon a motion by Mr. Carr and a second by Dr. Forrester, the Board unanimously approved the superintendent’s recommendation.

            The Board suggested future meeting topics should include an overview of the transportation contractor funding formula and life and survival skills for students. 

            At this time, the Board recognized Dr. McCartney who will retire on July 1, noting this is her last Board meeting.  The Board noted they will miss her and wished her well in her future endeavors. 

                        Part XIX – Adjournment

There being no further business, the Board, by consensus, adjourned the meeting at 9:40 p.m.

                        Part XX – Information Items

a.             May 2007 Attendance Bulletin

b.             MSDE News Release:  Maryland’s Top 100 Women Awards Ceremony  (5/2/07)

c.             MSDE News Release:  Maryland Students and Teachers Honored for Service and Leadership  (5/9/07)

d.             MSDE News Release:  27 Maryland Schools Tapped as New Green Schools  (5/31/07)




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Charlotte Sebold Wendell D. Teets
President Secretary/Treasurer
Approved:   July 16, 2007