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Minutes April 13, 2004



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Tuesday, April 13, 2004


Part I - Call to Order

Mr. Rodney L. Durst, Vice President of the Garrett County Board of Education, called the meeting to order at 3:35 p.m. Members in attendance included Mrs. Madeleine Collins, Mrs. Camilla Rawe, and Mrs. Charlotte Sebold, associate members; and Dr. Wendell Teets, Superintendent of Schools. Ms. Annie Winter, student Board member, was also present.

Mr. James M. Raley, President, arrived following the call to order and presided thereafter.

Prior to today= s Board meeting, members attended the annual School + Business = Partnership Luncheon at the Will o= the Wisp.

Part II - Annual Student Council Presentation

Dr. Teets announced that the representatives and advisors of Northern and Southern Middle Schools were unable to accept the Board= s invitation to attend this meeting. Advisors are Sharon Settle at Northern Middle and Nancy Pagenhardt and Dawn Panther at Southern Middle School.

The following members of the Northern High School Student Council were present for discussion with the Board: Steve Rounds, Annie Winter, Leah Biser, Yesha Patel, Kirsten Meyr, and Blakely Glotfelty. Ms. Michelle Harman, advisor, accompanied the students. The first item for discussion was the renovation of Northern High School front wall and gym lobby. Dr. Teets and Mr. Michael Sines, Director of Facilities, Maintenance and Operations addressed the students= concerns relative to the renovation process and preliminary work, effect on student schedules and beginning of 2004-2005 school year, and anticipated finished product. Additional discussion topics included the students= appreciation for the funding they receive through the Board, a request for honors science classes, the increased student use of activity buses, the need for an auditorium for theatre and arts activities, the possibility of free breakfast in high schools, and concerns about inconsistency in the remediation period. Dr. McCartney noted that Ms. Winter had represented the students well at a previous Board meeting in presenting the need for more science honors courses, adding that Mrs. Bell would be working with staff this summer to address this area. Board members offered their appreciation to the representatives and Ms. Harman for their efforts on behalf of the students at their school and for accepting their invitation to the meeting. Additionally, the Board commended both Northern and Southern High students on their excellent participation and behavior at the Science Fair.

The following members of the Southern High School Student Council were present for discussion with the Board: Sara DiSimone, Jordan Ackerman, Corey Lewis, James Naylor and Taylor Crabtree. The representatives were accompanied by their advisors, David Mayfield (also GCASC advisor) and Lowell Leitzel. The students relayed their appreciation for the Board= s support and the funding they provide. They discussed the merits and concerns of the mini-period/freshman seminar and options for improvement. Mr. Mayfield added that an evaluation survey of both students and staff is being done as this is the first year for the mini-period. Additional discussion topics included dress code guidelines which will be reviewed by the School Improvement Team, appreciation of school administration for their support and feedback, and a request for science honors classes. Following their presentation, Ms. DiSimone recognized Mr. Mayfield, who will be retiring at the end of the school year, for his dedication and efforts on behalf of all the students at Southern High School and the Garrett County Association of Student Councils (GCASC), adding he will be greatly missed. Board members and Dr. Teets thanked the advisors and representatives for coming to the meeting.

Mr. Mayfield thanked the Board for giving Student Councils this opportunity to meet and voice their concerns, and for having a student member on the Board. Mr. Mayfield then read a statement in which he expressed his appreciation to each Council advisor, the superintendent, students, staff and administration of Southern High School, and the opportunity to have served as Student Council Advisor for thirty-two years. Mr. Mayfield was honored with a standing ovation by all attending the meeting.

Mr. Raley commented on the Board= s role to serve the public and students= interests. He further commented that the concerns student councils bring to the Board will certainly be taken into consideration. Since it is difficult for the middle school councils to attend the annual presentation, he expressed interest in having a Board member meet with them at their schools.

Mr. Raley recognized Mr. Tom Woods, who offered comments in appreciation of Mr. Mayfield as a teacher and role model for students and adults. Mr. Mayfield also served as Southern High= s Assistant Athletic Director for twenty-two years.

Board members and Dr. Teets thanked Mr. Mayfield for his outstanding dedication to students and teaching, and presented him with a Certificate of Appreciation for his thirty-two years of service as Student Council Advisor.

Part III - Public Comment

There was no public comment.

Part IV - Executive Session

Upon a motion by Mrs. Rawe, seconded by Mrs. Sebold, the Board of Education unanimously agreed to move to executive session at 4:34 p.m. in accordance with Public School Law 4-106 and Section 10-508 of the State Government Code for the purpose of discussing personnel matters affecting one or more individuals and to consider the acquisition of real property for a public purpose and matters directly related thereto. Dr. Teets; Dr. Brenda McCartney, Assistant Superintendent; and Mr. Ervin Fink, Director of Finance and Human Resources were in attendance during all or part of the executive session. Personnel topics discussed included appointments, retirements, resignations, tenure candidates, volunteer coaches, transportation contracts, and bus driver candidate.

Part V - Reconvene in Public Session

The Board reconvened at 5:42 p.m. The Reverend Duane Frederick of the Meadow Mt. Mennonite Church, representing the Ministerial Association, offered a prayer, after which Ms. Winter led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.

Part VI - Acceptance of Agenda

Upon a motion by Mrs. Sebold, seconded by Mrs. Rawe, the Board unanimously voted to accept the agenda with the following additions: Under Administration, add a Resolution for Food and Nutrition Services Personnel and a FY2004 Budget Transfer request; Under Board Concerns, add two additional names as candidates for Advisory Committee on Education and a Property Release Resolution as action items; under Information Items, add a letter to the Mayor of Mt. Lake Park, dated March 29, 2004.

Part VII - Announcements

The following announcements were offered:

C Western Maryland Regional Science Expo was held on April 2, 2005 at Frostburg State University. Northern High, Northern Middle, Bloomington and Southern High Schools participated this year, winning 32 of the 64 awards presented.

C April 14, 2004 at 10:00 a.m., Grantsville Elementary School staff will be at the Oakland Train Station to receive a Green School Award.

C April 16, 2004, Career Expo will be at Garrett College, beginning at 9:10 a.m.

C The Grand Opening of the Grantsville Library will be on April 16, 2004, from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.

C A reception for the Student Arts Fair will be held on Friday, April 23, 2004 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Additional exhibits and activities will be held on Saturday, April 24th from 11:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

C The middle and high school Honor Chorus will perform at the Student Arts Fair Reception on Friday, April 23rd at 7:00 p.m.

C There will be a Book Signing and Luncheon on Saturday, April 24, 2004 at Route Forty School, 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m., sponsored by the Garrett Reading Council and Western Maryland Public Libraries.

C April 27, 2004 is Northern High School= s Mathematics Career Day, from 9:00 a.m. until 3:10 p.m.

C The Honor Band Concert is scheduled for April 15, 2003 at Northern High School

C Harold Swauger, Assistant in Maintenance and Operations, will be the Maryland ASBO Section Director for Facilities for the 2004-2005 year. Scott Germain served in the same capacity for Food and Nutrition Services this past year.

C Annie Winter= s picture was in the March 2004 issue of MABE News.

C Richard Stephens, Garrett County Teacher of the Year, has a A Teaching Lesson@ published in the February 2004 issue of Maryland Classroom.

C Roy Willard Bittinger, World War II veteran, will receive his diploma at the June 6, 2004 graduation ceremony.

C Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week is May 3-9, 2004.

C The University of Maryland Environmental Science Awards will be presented at Frostburg State University on April 21, 2004.

Part VIII - Approval of Minutes of March 9, 2004

Upon a motion by Mrs. Collins, seconded by Mrs. Sebold, the Minutes of March 9, 2004 were unanimously approved as amended.

Part IX - Administration

Mr. Raley read a Resolution, A Salute to School Food and Nutrition Services Personnel Day@ which was signed by members of the Board and the Superintendent and presented to Mr. Scott Germain, Program Manager for the Food and Nutrition Services Department. Mr. Raley thanked Mr. Germain and asked that he extend the Board= s appreciation to his staff for their work.

Mr. Sines reported that Carl Belt, Inc. presented the only bid for the Northern High School Wall Replacement Project, and distributed copies of the bid tabulation sheet. Dr. Teets recommended approval of the bid contract to Carl Belt, Inc. in the amount of $1,629,600 ($1,512,000 base plus Alternate #1, Front Entry Modification in the amount of $105,000 and Alternate #10, UST Removal in the amount of $12,600).

Mr. Sines reported that Carl Belt, Inc. submitted the only bid for the Northern High School Gymnasium Lobby Project, and distributed the bid tabulation project sheet. Dr. Teets recommended the Board approve the bid contract to Carl Belt, Inc. in the amount of $717,320. (This total includes a base bid of $692,000 plus Alternates #1, #3, #4, #5, #6 in the amount of $25,320.)

Upon a motion by Mrs. Collins and a second by Mrs. Rawe, the Board unanimously approved the two bid contracts to Carl Belt, Inc.

Mr. Sines presented for information Board Policy 750 and DRAFT Administrative Procedure 750.1 Minority Business Enterprise, noting the Administrative Procedure has been updated as the state requires. The Board indicated consensus for the revisions.

Mr. Fink explained that since the School Calendar Committee has recommended moving the second parent conference to April, a request was made to GCEA that the current contract language regarding having school on the parent conference day be changed. Current language under III.D.5.a of the negotiated agreement reads A In case inclement weather results in the scheduling of school on the designated parent conference day in the calendar, teachers will be given credit for an employment day for the conference time completed. . . . The Board may exercise this option if school has been closed due to inclement weather for four days or more prior to January 15.@ The proposed language reads A The Board may exercise this option two weeks prior to the scheduled parent conference date if school has been closed due to inclement weather for four days or more.@ GCEA has ratified this change. Dr. Teets recommended the Board approve the new contract language. Upon a motion by Mrs. Rawe, seconded by Mrs. Collins, the Board unanimously approved the recommendation.

Dr. Teets presented the proposed 2004-2005 School Calendar with a beginning date for students of August 26, 2004. He explained the calendar was the majority choice of the calendar committee as well as consensus of discussion from last month= s A&S meeting. He added that this calendar provides additional instructional time prior to state testing and recommended its approval. Upon a motion by Mr. Durst, and a second by Mrs. Rawe, the Board unanimously approved the calendar.

Commissioner Ernest Gregg joined the meeting at 6:30 p.m.

Mr. Fink explained that, as a result of FY2003 audit, a budget transfer is required by the state which must be approved by both the Board of Education and the County Commissioners. An audit adjustment was made to allow for the cost of building use ($148,800) under Operation of Plant, as the administrative office is a county owned facility although no funds are exchanged. Additional adjustments were made to correct line item reclassifications to comply with governmental accounting guidelines and MSDE financial reporting, to align expenditures within the proper fiscal year, and to allow for overages in the utilities budget. Dr. Teets recommended the Board approve a transfer of $236,933 from Instruction - Salaries Budget Category to Operation of Plant ($208,410) and to Capital Outlay ($28,523). Upon a motion by Mrs. Rawe, seconded by Mrs. Collins, the Board unanimously approved the FY2003 budget transfer.

In order to expense the cost of the Board administrative office in a county facility for FY2004, Mr. Fink noted the need to amend the FY 2004 budget to include as county revenue the amount of $148,800 to be expensed in the Operation of Plant budget line. Additionally, an FY2004 budget amendment is necessary to resolve the issue of beginning the Northern High School project prior to July 1, 2004 (beginning FY2005). As the county is willing to fund that portion of the project to be completed prior to July 1, 2004 with FY2004 funding, Mr. Fink noted the need to amend the School Construction Fund category to show $228,000 as county revenue to be expensed in Capital Outlay. He explained the original amount of funding is appropriated by the county for the Northern High School project, but would be used in both FY2004 and FY2005. Dr. Teets recommended approval of the two budget amendment requests. Upon a motion by Mr. Durst, seconded by Mrs. Rawe, the Board unanimously approved the superintendent= s recommendation.

Part X - Instruction

Dr. Teets explained that exploring the addition of a JROTC program for each high school was included in the current approved Master Plan (Objective 2.1, Strategy 2.1.12) for the 2007 year. Mrs. Lynn Bell, Director of Secondary Education reported that after she and the high school principals met with both Army and Air Force representatives, the Army program appears to be the better choice for the high schools. Mrs. Bell gave an overview of the leadership program, scholarship possibilities, weekend and summer responsibilities for students, funding and staff needed to implement the program, and indicators of a successful program. She and Dr. Teets noted additional review will be done, with the possibility of a program being implemented as early as 2005-2006 school year pending Board approval.

Dr. McCartney presented a Professional Leave and Travel Request to travel to the aha! Process, Inc. - Train the Trainers Recertification in Highlands, Texas, June 25-26, 2004. She noted the recertification training is for A A Framework for Understanding Poverty@ and would be covered by county budget funds. Dr. Teets recommended approval. Upon a motion by Mrs. Rawe, seconded by Mrs. Collins, the Board unanimously approved the recommendation.

Part XI - Public Comment

There was no public comment. The Board took a short break.

Part XII - Personnel Recommendations

Dr. Teets recommended approval of the following personnel items:


  • Ruth E. Miller, Cafeteria Assistant, 8 hours/day, NH

  • William Hady, Custodian IV, AC, eff. 4/1/04

  • Michael P. Green, Maintenance I Technician, Central Office, eff. 7/1/04


  • Jo Ann Vent, Supervisor of Career and Technology Education, eff. 7/1/04

  • Sarah Halberstadt, Teacher, GV, eff. 10/1/04

  • Christine L. Montgomery, D/P Teacher, NX, eff. 7/1/04

  • David Bosley, Teacher, SH, eff. 7/1/04

  • David Mayfield, Teacher, SH, eff. 7/1/04

  • Sharon Grant, Teacher, SX, eff. 7/1/04

  • Adrian A Bud@ Shaffer, Maintenance, eff. 7/1/04

  • Pauline Parrack, Instructional Assistant, DR, eff. 7/1/04


  • Stephen T. Dyche, Earth Science Teacher, NH, eff. 6/11/04

  • Barbara A. Hinebaugh, Teacher, SH, eff. 6/11/04

  • Penney Hughes, Part-time Cafeteria Assistant, YG, eff. 6/11/04

Tenure List for 2004:

Annalee Catulle Language Arts Teacher NX
John Coffman Library Science Teacher SH
Wendy Craver Teacher KZ
Sandra DeWitt Math Resource Teacher KZ
Stephen Dyche Science Teacher NH
Brooks Elliott Special Education Teacher SH
Susan Henline Special Education Teacher SH
Aaron Hordubay Physical Education Teacher YG
Dawn Moon Math Resource Teacher DR
Carrie Newcomb Teacher CR
Ronald Opel Social Studies Teacher NH
Cynthia Shaffer Math Resource Teacher YG
Kimberly Sweitzer Spanish Teacher SH
Debra Swerbinsky Math Resource Teacher BR
Sherry Taylor CPA Teacher SX
Gina Thayer Special Education Teacher DR
Laurie Walker Computer Teacher SH


  • Contract Deletion: Loretta M. Harding, Inc.

  • Awarding of Contract- Route 05: Thomas Brothers

  • Driver for Final Approval: Carroll Paugh for Herbert Myers, Inc. (once all requirements are met)

Upon a motion by Mr. Durst, seconded by Mrs. Collins, the Board voted 3-0 to approve the superintendent= s recommendations. Mrs. Sebold abstained as one of the recommended candidates for employment was related to her.

Part XIII - Recognition

Dr. Teets stated it was an honor to have the Girls Basketball State Champions from Southern High School, two State Champion Wrestlers, and the State Baseball Coach of the Year present at the meeting. He commented that the athletes are excellent students and great role models for their peers here and when traveling out of the county. He welcomed the students, coaches, staff and several parents who accompanied the students. He offered his appreciation of Coach Don Stemple who was unable to attend the meeting, noting Mr. Stemple= s retirement from coaching at the end of this season. Assistant Coach Jason Shank was also unable to attend.

Coach Fred Gregg shared the plaque and trophy awarded to the Southern High Lady Rams, State IA Girls Basketball Champions, and thanked the Board for inviting them and for their support of the team. He then introduced team members who were present:

Robbin Gregg Roxanne Hoalcraft Kendra McLaughlin
Justine Pagenhardt Jasmine Scheffel Sabrina Scheffel

Ashley Stuck


(Mr. Raley offered birthday congratulations to Justine Pagenhardt.) Team members who were unable to attend are Julia Bosley, Cait Brown, Becca Flanagan, and Kayla Nazelrod. Board members expressed their appreciation of the team= s accomplishments and talents and thanked them for coming to the meeting.

Dr. Teets then introduced Northern High Wrestling Coach, Scott Stough, who reviewed the wrestling record of Casey Kamp, 2004 State IA-IIA Individual Wrestling Champion in the 103 pound division. Casey, who is a sophomore, holds a 32-1 record. Dr. Teets and Board members welcomed Casey and congratulated him on his outstanding record and state championship.

Dr. Teets next introduced Southern High Wrestling Coach Dave Taylor who accompanied Scott Wildesen, 2004 State IA-IIA Individual Wrestling Champion in the 160 pound division. Scott, a junior and team captain, is only the second student at Southern High to win this state championship. (The first was John Hayhurst.) The Board and Dr. Teets welcomed Scott and congratulated him on his outstanding record and state championship.

Appreciation was extended to each of the coaches for their efforts, as well.

Dr. Teets introduced Jim Bosley, math teacher at Southern Middle School and Southern High School Baseball Coach, and the 2003-2004 State Baseball Coach of the Year. Dr. Teets expressed his appreciation to Mr. Bosley for his accomplishments and for being a fine role model for students. Mr. Bosley added he has been coaching twenty-five years and considers the award to be for all the players and coaches who participate in the baseball program. He thanked the Board for their invitation to attend the meeting. Board members offered their congratulations to Mr. Bosley.

Dr. Teets added that Mr. Bosley= s brother, Jim, was the Regional Coach of the Year two years ago.

Mr. Mayfield commended the effort and work ethic of the student athletes, who are also an outstanding academic group of students.

Part XIV - Board Concern

In a continuing effort to update membership on the Advisory Committee on Education, Dr. Teets recommended the following individuals as new members:

  • Frank Shap, representing a local agency

  • Bill Meagher, representing the Chamber of Commerce

  • Val Teagarden, representing the Civic Club

Upon a motion by Mrs. Collins, and a second by Mrs. Sebold, the Board unanimously approved the new ACE members.

The annual Maryland State Board of Education Dinner will be held on Tuesday, April 20, 2004, at the Holiday InnB Inner Harbor in Baltimore. As Mr. Raley is unable to attend, Mrs. Collins will represent the Board at the event.

Mr. Raley led a discussion on current legislation. Dr. Teets reported the school bus bill passed, raising the fine for passing a bus with flashing lights to $1,000. Additional legislation topics discussed included the Geographical Cost of Education Index (GCEI), the status of the Thornton bill and the need for a funding mechanism to implement the state= s education directive, and the building program funding ratios.

Dr. Teets reported that, in 1917, the Garrett County Board of Education conveyed 5/8 acre to Dry Run Mennonite Mission Church to be used only for a House of Worship. The church is no longer in existence and the property is being sold. The prospective new owners want to convert the church into a home, requiring the Board of Education to eliminate the pre-existing covenant and release the property to be used as a residence. Board Attorney Bob Watson also reviewed the request and composed a Resolution releasing the property from said covenant. Upon a motion by Mr. Durst, and a second by Mrs. Collins, the Board unanimously adopted a Resolution to release the deed restriction on the 1917 property.

Ms. Winter provided a report of student council activities and activities at Northern High School. She reviewed that she and Steve Rounds, also from Northern High, will be spending the next year in the Rotary Club Student Exchange Program. Local Rotary Clubs must reciprocate by hosting two foreign students in Garrett County.

Part XV- Adjournment

There being no further public business, the Board, by consensus, adjourned the meeting at 8:15 p.m.

Part - Information Items

In addition to items listed below, Board members received an invitation to the Student Arts Fair, the Green Sheet, Number 13 (April 9, 2004), and the agenda for MABE= s Special Meeting, A Linking High School Graduation to High Stakes Tests@ on April 15, 2004.

  1. March 2004 Attendance Bulletin
  2. The Steering Wheel (3/31/04)
  3. Home & School Connection, April 2004
  4. MSDE News Release: MSDE Launches New Version of (3/15/04)
  5. MSDE News Release: State Leads the Nation in Advanced Placement (AP) Success of Minority Students (3/23/04)
  6. MSDE News Release: Nancy Grasmick Inducted into the Maryland Women= s Hall of Fame (3/23/04)
  7. MSDE News Release: State to Study New Methods of Gauging High School Achievement (3/30/04)
  8. MSDE Media Alert: Nearly 1,000 Parents and Educators Expected at Family Involvement Conference April 20 (4/6/04)
  9. ASBO Matters, Spring 2004 (Board Member Packets only)
  10. Letter to Mayor of Mt. Lake Park re: Yough Glades Elementary School, dated March 29, 2004


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Approved:  May 11, 2004