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Minutes November 11, 2003




Oakland, Maryland 21550

Tuesday, November 11, 2003


Part I - Call to Order

Mrs. Charlotte Sebold, President of the Garrett County Board of Education, called the meeting to order at 4:05 p.m. Members in attendance included Mr. James M. Raley, Vice President; Mrs. Madeleine Collins, Mr. Rodney L. Durst, and Mrs. Camilla Rawe, associate members; and Dr. Wendell Teets, Superintendent of Schools.

Part II - Public Comment

There was no public comment.

Part III - Executive Session

Upon a motion by Mrs. Rawe, seconded by Mr. Raley, the Board of Education unanimously agreed to move to executive session at 4:06 p.m. in accordance with Public School Law 4-106 and Section 10-508 of the State Government Code for the purpose of discussing personnel matters affecting one or more individuals. Dr. Teets; Dr. Brenda McCartney, Assistant Superintendent; Mr. Ervin Fink, Director of Finance and Human Resources, and Commissioner Ernest Gregg were in attendance during all or part of the executive session. Personnel topics included appointments, resignations, and emergency and volunteer coaches.

Part IV - Return to Public Session

Mrs. Sebold reconvened public session at 5:35 p.m. with all members and Commissioner Gregg present. Student member Annie Winter joined the meeting at this time. The Reverend Pat Kerr of St. Paul= s Methodist Church, representing the Mt. Top Ministerial Association, asked for a moment of silence to honor the military and offered a prayer. Ms. Winter then led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.

Part V - Acceptance of Agenda

Upon a motion by Mr. Raley, seconded by Mrs. Collins, the Tentative Agenda was approved as drafted.

Part VI - Announcements

The following announcements were offered:

C Harold Wiley, bus contractor and husband of Helen Wiley, media assistant at Grantsville Elementary, passed away November 9, 2003.

C Various programs were offered at schools today recognizing Veterans Day. Dr. Teets attended the Veterans Day program held by Grantsville Elementary School.

C American Education Week is November 16-22, 2003.

C A Coalition for Public School Funding Rally will be held in Annapolis on January 26, 2004, sponsored by MABE, PSSAM, MSTA, and the Maryland PTA.

C Northern Garrett High School= s Livestock Team won a silver medal in national competition. Individuals on the team also won two silver and two bronze medals.

C In Chapter 13 Band Competition, Northern High took first place and Southern High took second.

C In the Atlantic Coast Band Championship in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Northern High placed 20th, and Southern High placed 14th. The Maryland State Champion Band from Chesapeake placed 25th.

C The A Our Story@ Conference sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce will be held on November 21, 2003 at Garrett College. Mrs. Sebold and Dr. Teets will attend.

C The next meeting of the Advisory Committee on Education will be held at the Hickory Environmental Education Center and Planetarium Facility on November 25, 2003 at 7:00 p.m.

C There will be no school for students on November 14, 2003.

C Students will be dismissed at noon on November 26. Schools will remain closed through December 1, 2003 for the Thanksgiving holiday.

C A New Teacher Briefing, sponsored by MSDE and Frostburg State University, was held on November 7, 2003, at the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad Station in Cumberland, Maryland.

C Perkins Restaurant in McHenry is awarding a $25 coupon to each school beginning in November and continuing through the school year. This coupon will be given to the A Family of the Month@ chosen by the school.

Part VII - Approval of Minutes of October 14, 2003

Upon a motion by Mrs. Rawe, seconded by Mr. Raley, the October 14, 2003 Minutes were approved with the following addition: Part XIII, first paragraph, second sentence, add A more often@ after A offered locally.@

Part VIII - Recognition of Garrett County Teacher of the Year for 2003-2004

Mrs. Sebold introduced and congratulated Mr. Richard L. Stevens, Jr., kindergarten teacher at Kitzmiller Elementary School, who was chosen as the Garrett County Teacher of the Year for 2003-2004. Additionally, Mrs. Sebold thanked Mr. Stevens for the excellent speech and presentation he gave on Staff Development Day, October 9, 2003. Dr. Teets also welcomed Mr. Stevens and introduced his principal, Mrs. Barbara Baker. Mr. Stevens was accompanied by his wife, Angie and daughter, Victoria. Their daughter Bethany was unable to attend.

Mr. Stevens noted his appreciation of the support and efforts of the Board of Education, administration and County Commissioners. He then gave his speech which was presented during the county-side Staff Development Day. A Power Point program was included with his presentation.

Board members offered their congratulations, commenting on the exemplary manner in which Mr. Stevens represents the teachers of Garrett County. Dr. Teets explained that, in addition to the plaque Mr. Stevens received from the State for this honor, Mr. Stevens= name has been added to the A Teacher of the Year@ plaque which will be permanently displayed in the Board Room.

Part IX - Recognition of Food and Nutrition Services

Dr. Teets commended the Foods and Nutrition personnel for the fine job they do each day providing nutritious meals to students. He then introduced Mr. Scott Germain, Food and Nutrition Services Program Manager, adding that, when Mr. Germain was hired, one of the goals was to implement a successful breakfast program. To recognize the success of the breakfast program, the Maryland State Department of Education has awarded the Garrett County Board of Education the following Certificates of Achievement:

C as the Maryland School System having the highest rate of increase in average daily participation for breakfasts served in the 2002-2003 school year compared to the 2001-2002 school year.

C as the Maryland School System having the highest percentage of average daily participation of students in the paid category in the School Breakfast Program for school year 2002-2003.

C as the Maryland School System having the highest percentage of average daily participation of students approved for free meals in the School Breakfast Program for school year 2002-2003.

C as one of the two Maryland School Systems having the highest percentage of average daily participation for all students in the School Breakfast Program compared to average daily attendance for school year 2002-2003.

Mr. Germain then introduced the following cafeteria staff members who accompanied him to the meeting to be recognized for these accomplishments: Ruth Uphold (Accident), Lynn Friend (Bloomington), Leota Martin (Broad Ford), Regina Burns (Crellin), Eugenia Cassidy (Dennett Road), Tammy Savage (Friendsville), Karen Barnhouse (Kitzmiller), Mary Ann Glotfelty (Northern High), Mary DeWitt (Northern Middle), Brenda Yommer (Southern High), Patty Barnhouse (Southern Middle), Dianna Bachtel (Yough Glades), and Sue Damon, Monitoring Specialist. Representatives from Grantsville and Route Forty Elementary Schools were unable to attend. Mr. Germain congratulated his staff on the fine job they do every day, adding that breakfast is now served at all schools. Board members commended Mr. Germain and his staff for their hard work and state recognition.

Part X - Administration

Mr. Michael Sines, Director of Facilities, Maintenance and Operations, reviewed four bid submissions for the replacement of two evaporative condensers (HVAC System) for Friendsville Elementary. He explained the condensers were bid last summer, but that bids were rejected as they were over our budget. Dr. Teets recommended the bid be awarded to Emmco Mechanical, LLC, which submitted the lowest bid in the amount of $34,016.00. Upon a motion by Mrs. Collins, seconded by Mrs. Rawe, the Board unanimously approved the superintendent= s recommendation. It was noted the condenser replacement is an Aging Schools Program project.

Dr. Teets presented a request for Professional Leave and Travel for Mr. Germain to attend the Child Nutrition Industry Conference 2004 to be held in California on January 17-21, 2004. It was noted the conference highlights state-of-the-art technology and gives an overview of A point of service@ program implementation, which includes tracking of free and reduced meals for better accountability and eliminates the need for tickets. Discussion included a need to consider budgeting for technology upgrades in this area to enhance the ability of food services staff to serve all levels of students. Dr. Teets recommended approval of the travel request. Upon a motion by Mrs. Collins, seconded by Mrs. Rawe, the Board unanimously approved the recommendation.

Part XI - Instruction

Mrs. Lynn Bell, Director of Secondary Education, 9-12, reviewed the Student Education Planning Guide, 2004-2005. She explained that, following the October Board meeting, the committee met again to review and incorporate suggestions from Board discussion. Mrs. Sebold and Dr. Teets thanked Mrs. Bell and staff for their hard work and the quality of the information contained in the guide.

Mrs. Bell shared the first copy of a high school newsletter, A Garrett Mountain High@ which will be published four times a year and shared with teachers and principals. Board members suggested the newsletter may be welcomed at the Visitor= s Center as a public relations item.

Commissioner Gregg left the meeting at approximately 6:30 p.m.

Dr. Donald Forrester, Director of Elementary Education, reviewed the Health Advisory Committee recommendations for supplemental materials which were presented for information at the October Board meeting. Following discussion about the AIDS/STD= s Video being inappropriate for the middle school level, Dr. Teets recommended the approval of the following supplemental materials:

C AIDS/STD= s Video (Marsh Media - No. 9212), recommended for grades 9-12 only

C What is AIDS? Video (ETR Associates), recommended for Grade 4 - AIDS Lesson

C Growing Up! For Boys (Marsh Media - No. 9212), recommended for grade five developmental lesson and seventh grade family life program

C Growing Up! For Girls Video (Marsh Media - No. 9211), recommended for grade five developmental lesson and seventh grade family life program.

Upon a motion by Mr. Durst, seconded by Mrs. Collins, the Board unanimously approved the supplemental materials.

Dr. Forrester presented Board Policy 341.4 Title I School Student Transfer Option and Board Policy 341.5 Title I Supplemental Educational Services which were presented for information at the October meeting, along with their accompanying Administrative Procedures. Dr. Forrester reiterated that these policies were developed to allow Garrett County to be compliant with the State regulations regarding the Annual Yearly Progress (AYP). Dr. Teets recommended approval. Upon a motion by Mr. Raley, seconded by Mrs. Collins, the Board unanimously approved the two policies.

Dr. McCartney reviewed a request for Professional Leave and Travel for Ms. Sherry Pinto, Coordinator of Staff Development and School Improvement, and Ms. Suzanne Sincell, Curriculum Coordinator, to attend the A 4-Blocks Leadership Conference@ in North Carolina on January 16-19, 2004. The conference= s focus is reading strategy for elementary schools. Additionally, Dr. McCartney asked that Holly Diehl be allowed to attend the National Staff Development Conference on December 6-10, 2003, in place of Sherry Pinto, as approved at the October meeting. Dr. Teets recommended approval for travel to the 4-Blocks Conference, and noted the request for attendee change at the National Staff Development Conference. Upon a motion by Mr. Durst, seconded by Mrs. Collins, the Board unanimously approved the recommendation.

Part XII - Personnel Recommendations

Dr. Teets made the following personnel recommendations:


  • Shirley LaRue, 3.5 hour/day Cafeteria Worker, SH, eff. 11/24/03

  • Melissa Evans, 4.0 hour/day Cafeteria Worker, SH, eff. 11/24/03


  • David Bierkortte, Electronics Teacher, NH, eff. 10/24/03

  • Ronald Petrella, Head Girls Soccer Coach, SH, eff. 10/27/03

  • Sara Nawrot, Assistant Girls Soccer Coach, SH, eff. 10/27/03

Emergency Coaches:

  • Christopher Elliott, Assistant Boys Basketball Coach, NH

  • Jon Hegeman, Assistant Boys Basketball Coach, SH

Upon a motion by Mrs. Collins, seconded by Mr Raley, the Board unanimously approved the personnel recommendations.

At this time, the Board took a short break.

Part XIII - Veterans Day Resolution

Mrs. Sebold welcomed Mr. Carl Rebele, representing American Legion Post 71 of Oakland, who was invited to attend the meeting to accept a signed copy of the Board=s Resolution honoring veterans. Dr. Teets noted that this day, November 11, 2003 is the 50th Anniversary of Veterans Day which was set aside to commemorate the service and sacrifice of our Armed Forces. Mrs. Sebold read aloud the Resolution which was signed by all Board members, and presented a copy to Mr. Rebele. Copies of the Resolution will be distributed to and posted in each Garrett County Public School. Mr. Rebele offered remarks on behalf of veterans and thanked the Board for their invitation.

Part XIV - American Education Week Proclamation

Mrs. Sebold introduced Ms. Irene Sigel, retired teacher and representative of the Garrett County Teachers Association (GCTA). She thanked Ms. Sigel for her leadership and for attending during the presentation of the American Education Week Proclamation. Mrs. Sebold read the Proclamation (attached) honoring all education employees during the week of November 16-22, 2003, which was signed by all Board members. A copy was presented to Ms. Sigel, and it was noted that a copy would be sent to Mr. Joe Heatherman, representative of Garrett County Federation of Teachers (GCFT) who was unable to attend the meeting. Each school will receive and post a copy of the Proclamation, as well. Ms. Sigel stated her appreciation of all those individuals who work together for education and thanked the Board for their invitation.

Part XV - Board Concerns

Ms. Winter gave the Student Board Member Report, highlighting events at her school, and noting the success of their Wellness Day activities. Mrs. Collins expressed appreciation to the Cumberland Times-News for their coverage of the Wellness Day.

Mrs. Sebold left the meeting at 7:35 p.m. Mr. Raley presided thereafter.

Mr. Raley commended Northern High School students on their attendance record as noted on the September and October Attendance Bulletins. Ms. Winter stated she believes students are aware of the severity of missing school.

Mr. Raley introduced Ms. Pam Nelson, Chairperson of the Advisory Committee on Education (ACE) who presented the Committee= s annual report to the Board. Dr. Teets thanked Ms. Nelson for her leadership over the past two years. Ms. Nelson highlighted meeting topics that were reviewed and discussed over the past year, noting the committee= s involvement with the Master Plan and the positive feedback from employers relative to the letter the ACE sent about hiring students for summer jobs. She noted that members were pleased to give input into the Master Plan and felt it was a quality document. Concerns were raised about the need to fill vacancies on the committee. Dr. Teets read the vacancy list and asked that members offer suggestions for representatives to serve on the ACE. Mr. Raley thanked Ms. Nelson on behalf of parents, students, and staff for her dedication and leadership. The next ACE meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 25, 2003, at 7:00 p.m. at the Hickory Environmental Education Center. The public is invited to attend.

Part XVI - Adjournment

There being no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned by consensus at 7:50 p.m.

Part XVII - Information Items

  1. September 2003 Attendance Bulletin
  2. October 2003 Attendance Bulletin
  3. The Steering Wheel, October 30, 2003
  4. Home & School Connection, October 2003
  5. Field Trip Form: French II, III, IV classes, SH and NH, to Quebec City, Canada, April 5-11, 2004
  6. MSDE Press Release: State to Evaluate Student Teaching Internships (10/14/03)
  7. MSDE Press Release: Calvert County Principal Wins $25,000 Cash as a Milken National Educator (10/14/03)
  8. MSDE Press Release: Carroll County Teacher Wins $25,000 Cash (10/16/03)
  9. MSDE Press Release: Wellness kit helps high school students develop healthy habits (10/21/03)
  10. MSDE Press Release: Governor Ehrlich, Dr. Grasmick Announce $74.4 Million in MSDE Grant Money (10/21/03)
  11. MSDE Press Release: Advisory Council Seeks Greater Collaboration Among ADHD Affected Families, Educators, and Health Practitioners (10/23/03)
  12. Home & School Connection, November 2003


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Charlotte Sebold Wendell D. Teets
President Secretary/Treasurer
Approved:  December 9, 2003