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Minutes August 12, 2003



Oakland, Maryland 21550

Tuesday, August 12, 2003


Part I - Call to Order

Mrs. Charlotte Sebold, President of the Garrett County Board of Education, called the meeting to order at 4:05 p.m. Members in attendance included Mr. James M. Raley, Vice President; Mrs. Madeleine Collins, Mr. Rodney L. Durst and Mrs. Camilla Rawe, associate members; and Dr. Wendell Teets, Superintendent of Schools.

Part II - Public Comment

There was no public comment.

Part III - Executive Session

Upon a motion by Mrs. Collins, seconded by Mrs. Rawe, the Board of Education unanimously agreed to move to executive session at 4:06 p.m. in accordance with Public School Law 4-106 and Section 10-508 of the State Government Code for the purpose of conducting an appeal hearing and to discuss personnel matters affecting one or more individuals. Dr. Teets and Mr. Ervin Fink, Director of Finance and Human Resources were in attendance during all or part of the executive session. Also in attendance were the individuals requesting an appeal hearing; Mr. Robert Watson, Board attorney; Mrs. Lynn Bell, Director of Secondary Education; Mr. Gary Reichenbecher, principal of Northern Garrett High School; Mr. Bruce Taliaferro, Coordinator of Hickory Environmental Education Center and former assistant principal of Northern High; and Mrs. Cindy Downton, Pupil Personnel Worker. Personnel recommendations discussed included appointments, retirements, resignations, emergency and volunteer coaches, and a bus driver contract termination.

Part IV - Reconvene in Public Session

Mrs. Sebold reconvened public session at 6:30 p.m. Student member Annie Winter joined the meeting at this time. Mrs. Sebold asked that the assembly observe a moment of silence, after which Ms. Winter led the Pledge to the Flag of the United States of America.

Part V - Acceptance of Agenda

Upon a motion by Mrs. Rawe, seconded by Mrs. Collins, the agenda was unanimously approved with the following changes: Under #12, first item - revise "Comprehensive Maintenance Plan" to read "Capital Improvement Program"; move the Vehicle Insurance Bid Award to #8, first item; and under #14, add the following Information Items - (i) letter from County Commissioners regarding the Commissioners' review of the Master Plan, (j) The Steering Wheel (Aug. 6, 2003), and (k) a history paper entitled "The Oakland High School" written by Marshall G. Brown.

Part VI - Announcements

The following announcements were offered:

  • August 18, 2003: Machine Tool Shop Open House at Northern High School at 3:30 p.m.

  • August 19, 2003: New Teacher Orientation at Will o' the Wisp - refreshments at 8:30 a.m., program at 9:00 a.m

  • August 19, 2003: Retirement Celebration dinner and program at Will o' the Wisp Sitzmark Room at 6:00 p.m.

  • August 20-22, 2003: Teachers in schools

  • August 25, 2003: Students' first day back in school, student dismissal at 1:00 p.m.

  • September 1, 2003: Schools closed for Labor Day

  • The Judy Hoyer Center was funded for FY 2004 through a grant with Community Action in the amount of $322,000.

  • Jodi Nichols, teacher at Broad Ford Elementary, was named "My Favorite Teacher" at the State level competition by the Republican Women's Committee. She will compete at the national level.

  • Summer Intervention Program held in July was successfully completed.

  • September 12-19, 2003: Six Spanish exchange students will be in the county through Smith Family Foundation funding. Also during that week, teachers from South Africa will be visiting Garrett College.

  • Northern Middle School Yearbook was third place winner in annual competition.

  • The planet Mars is at its closest point to Earth and most visible tonight at 9:00 p.m.

Part VII - Minutes of July 8, 2003

Upon a motion by Mrs. Rawe, seconded by Mrs. Collins, the Minutes of July 8, 2003 were unanimously approved with the following amendments: Page 3485, Part II, first sentence, replace "the Garrett County Fair Board" with "the volunteers in the education section of the Garrett County Fair" ; Page 3487, Part VIII, third paragraph, third sentence, add A (Westmar)@ following A Bruce Middle@ ; and delete medical reasons for not passing transportation inservice training in Part X.

Part VIII - Administration

Dr. Teets recommended approval of the only bid received for the vehicle insurance contract award. Upon a motion by Mr. Raley, seconded by Mr. Durst, the Board unanimously approved the bid award to Yoder-Hershberger Insurance in the amount of $59,490 through Erie Insurance.

Part IX - Instruction

Dr. Philip Lauver, Supervisor of Pupil Services, reported the committee to review the draft Student Handbook - Rights, Responsibilities, and Discipline - Summer 2003 was reconvened to revise and consider the suggestions from the Board at his presentation at the July Board meeting. Dr. Lauver reviewed all the proposed additions and changes made to the handbook, noting the timeline to have it printed and distributed to students. Following discussion, Dr. Teets recommended approval of the revised handbook. Upon a motion by Mrs. Collins, seconded by Mrs. Rawe, the Board unanimously approved the handbook.

Part X - Public Comment

There was no public comment.

Part XI - Personnel Recommendations

Dr. Teets listed the following personnel recommendations:


  • David F. Bierkortte, Electronics Teacher, NH, eff. 08/20/03

  • Barbara Hinebaugh, Business Education Teacher, NH/SH, eff. 08/20/03

  • Wendy Simmons, English Teacher, SH, eff. 08/20/03

  • Erica R. Evans, .5 Math Resource Teacher/.5 Classroom Teacher, SM/BR, eff. 08/20/03

  • Elizabeth Friend, Instructional Assistant, YG, eff. 08/20/03

  • Wendy Friend, Instructional Assistant, DR, eff. 08/20/03

  • Alma J. Ryan, Nursing Assistant, SH/YG, eff. 08/20/03

  • Donna Gilpin, .5 Nursing Assistant, NX, eff. 08/20/03

  • Carol Palmer, 3 hour/day Cafeteria Worker, SH. eff. 08/22/03


  • Betty M. Sell, Instructional Assistant, DR, eff. 07/01/03

  • Mary R. Teets, Cafeteria Manager, DR, eff. 07/01/03


  • Nikola Drobac, Business Education Teacher, SH, eff. 07/15/03

  • Elizabeth Friend, Teacher, SM, eff. 07/21/03

Emergency Coaches:

  • Angela Biggs, .5 Cheerleading Advisor, SH

  • Warren Glotfelty, Golf Coach, NH

  • Larah Savage, Assistant Cheerleading Advisor, NH

  • Jeremy Reed, Assistant Boys Soccer Coach, NH


  • Contract Termination: Billy Bender Chevrolet, Inc. for Routes 11, 12, and 13

Upon a motion by Mr. Durst, seconded by Mrs. Rawe, the Board unanimously approved the personnel recommendations.

Part XII - Instruction, continued

Dr. Patricia Mullinix, Coordinator of Research, Evaluation and Information, distributed the revised version of Administrative Procedure 105.1 Indicator Package. She explained the procedure was revised to chart information for elementary, middle and high schools from school year 2002-2003 through 2006-2007. In addition to current information gathering, revisions and/or additions were made to reflect changes from MSPAP to MSA testing standards, to gather data required by the No Child Left Behind Act, and for Master Plan tracking of disaggregated male/female data. Dr. Mullinix noted that the data collection will be used as part of the school improvement process, the Master Plan process and also reported in the Maryland School Performance Report.

Dr. Mullinix then presented a report on Maryland State Department of Education's progress in establishing standards for the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. During the week of July 13, 2003, MSDE convened a group of 300 educators, stakeholders, public officials, and testing experts who made recommendations associated with the NCLB required assessments and worked on recommended standards to meet those requirements. Recommended standards submitted by the participants must be approved by the State Board and meet the expectations of state and federal law. Discussion topics included proficiency levels and standards for MSA performance standards and IMAP standards and expectations to be met by 2014, including attainment of a 90% high school graduation rate. Dr. Mullinix will provide a detailed summary of 2003 test scores at the September Board meeting.

Mrs. Sebold recognized Mrs. Lynn Bell, Director of Secondary Education 9-12, who presented the following draft policies and procedure relative to Hickory which were reviewed at the August Board meeting:

  • Board Policy 173.32 Hickory Environmental Education Center - Advisory Committee

  • Board Policy 173.321 Use of Camp Hickory

  • Board Policy 723.5 Hickory Environmental Education Center Fee Structure

  • Administrative Procedure 723.51 Hickory Environmental Education Center - Nature Hall/Planetarium Classroom - Use Agreement

  • Board Policy 831.4 Policy Denying Access to School Building and Grounds

Mrs. Bell noted changes made to incorporate suggestions from the Board at the last meeting. Dr. Teets recommended approval of the four policies. Upon a motion by Mrs. Rawe, seconded by Mr. Raley, the Board unanimously approved the recommendation.

Mrs. Bell presented Board Policy 953.0 Use of School Facilities. Discussion included kitchen use by outside groups, person-in-charge responsibilities during use of the kitchen, and flexibility to cancel or use facilities on emergency days, early dismissal days, or other days when the regular school day is cancelled. Dr. Teets recommended that Policy 953.0 be reviewed and brought back to the Board at a later date.

Mrs. Bell next presented Board Policy 347.7 Curricular, Co-Curricular, and Extra-Curricular Activities, noting the additional sentence on page 2 of 9 regarding student participation, which states "Term grades will be used unless final grades are available." As this policy was reviewed at the August meeting, Dr. Teets recommended its approval. Upon a motion by Mrs. Rawe, seconded by Mr. Raley, the Board unanimously approved Policy 953.0.

Mrs. Bell presented for information Administrative Procedure 333 High School Course Selection and School Schedules, pointing out the addition of the last paragraph to accommodate the Adult Career and Technology Academy (ACTA) program.

Next, Mrs. Bell offered for information Administrative Procedure 344.522 Evening High School, highlighting minor revisions to correct staff titles and for language consistency.

Dr. Brenda McCartney, Assistant Superintendent, joined the meeting at 8:05 p.m., having returned from an MSDE meeting on assessment scores and standard setting.

Mrs. Bell provided an evaluation chart on the proposed high school English textbooks, Prentice-Hall Literature & Grammar Handbook, and the Readers Handbook (Resource), noting the materials will be on display for public review and comment for a month, after which the texts will be an action item on the September agenda.

Dr. McCartney provided an evaluation chart on the proposed middle school Reading/Language Arts textbooks, Elements of Literature (Holt, Rinehart, and Winston), Elements of Language (Holt, Rinehart and Winston), Bridges to Literature (McDougal Littell), and Houghton Mifflin English. These texts will also be available for public review and comment for a month prior to their return as an action item on the September agenda.

Dr. McCartney offered a brief presentation on charity drives conducted at the school level during the 2002-2003 school year in accordance with Board Policy 726.62. Grantsville Elementary, Route Forty Elementary, and Southern Middle Schools reported that no charity drives were held during that time.

Part XII - Administration

Mr. Michael Sines, Director of Facilities, Maintenance and Operations presented the draft Capital Improvement Program (CIP) chart for FY 2005 through FY2013. Discussion was held regarding current economic status of state in relationship to education capital projects. Mr. Sines noted the CIP follows IAC directives in proposing a CIP that may be successful, and while it is not an aggressive program, it incorporates projects previously identified which are spread out over a longer period of time, and are listed based on age and safety needs. Mr. Sines presented information relative to exterior leakage damage to Northern High School, noting the possibility that systemic repair/replacement may require interior change, as well. Board members discussed repair options, dwelling on state facilities guidelines and funding mechanisms. The CIP will be an action item at the September meeting.

Mr. Sines reported on the progress of current summer projects:

Route Forty Elementary: Renovation is substantially complete
Southern High: Bleachers' installation to be completed prior to August 22
  Track restroom should be available in mid-September
Accident Elementary: Roof replacement to be completed by August 22
  Roof Top unit should be operational for commencement of school year
Friendsville Elementary: Continuing to assess the viability of refunding.
Broad Ford Elementary: Masonry work to be completed by August 15
Hickory: Fire alarm system completion projected for late September
Northern High: Greenhouse structure to be completed prior to commencement of school year
Bloomington Boiler replacement to be completed by August 22
Administrative Office: Roof of green building has been completed

Additionally, Mr. Sines explained he is in the process of securing QZAB funds to replace ceiling tile at Southern Middle School. If funds are secured, this project will be completed during the summer of 2004. Mrs. Sebold thanked Mr. Sines for his efforts and asked him to relay the Board's appreciation to his staff.

Mr. Sines reported that a union issue involving Wilson Tile Company and the Bricklayers and Allied Crafts District Council arose in April 2003. Consequently, BMGM prepared a Change Order to remove Wilson Tile Company from the contract and IAC has approved the change order. In consideration of removing Wilson Tile Company from the contract held by Lashley Construction Company, Dr. Teets recommended the Board approved Wilson Tile Company as an additional prime contractor. Mr. Durst moved to accept Dr. Teets recommendation with a second by Mrs. Rawe. Following discussion regarding prevailing wage and mediation issues, Mrs. Sebold called the motion. The Board unanimously voted to approve Wilson Tile Company as an additional prime contractor.

Mrs. Collins left the meeting at 8:50 p.m.

Mr. Scott Germain, Program Manager for Food and Nutrition Services (FNS), reported on the food and supply awards to the various vendors used by the FNS program, based on bid submissions opened on July 18, 2003. He noted the addition of several new bidders along with current suppliers.

Dr. Teets recommended Board approval of draft Board Policy 432.0 Garrett County Students Who May Attend Designated Allegany County Schools, noting the only change was to update its Annotated Code of Maryland source. Upon a motion by Mrs. Rawe, seconded by Mr. Raley, the Board unanimously approved the revised policy.

Part XIII - Board Concerns

Dr. Teets presented an invitation from the State Superintendent of Schools for three Board members to attend the AEMS: Arts Education in Maryland Schools presentation to be held on Friday, September 12, 2003 at the Walters Art Museum from 11:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. The presentation will be made to all Maryland superintendents, assistant superintendents and invited guests immediately following the monthly superintendents meeting. The event is tied to the State Board of Education's goal which states that "all students will have the opportunity to participate in programs that enable them to meet Maryland content and achievement standards in the arts."  Mrs. Sebold, Mrs. Collins, and Mrs. Rawe indicated they would accept the invitation.

Mrs. Sebold asked Board members to finalize their plans whether to attend the 2003 MABE Annual Conference in Ocean City on October 1-3, 2003, in order to meet the registration discount deadline of August 15, 2003. Mrs. Sebold, Mrs. Collins, Mr. Durst, Mrs. Rawe, Ms. Winter, and Dr. Teets will attend.

Mrs. Sebold asked that a Student Board Member Report be added on subsequent agendas as the first item under Board Concerns.

Mrs. Sebold asked that a congratulatory note be sent to Dr. Edward Root, western Maryland representative to the State Board, who was recently elected as the State Board of Education president.

Part XIV - Adjournment

There being no further business, the Board adjourned by consensus at 9:07 p.m.

Part XV - Information Items

  1. Letter to Dr. Teets from US Senator Barbara Mikulski re: education funding (07/23/03)
  2. Letter to Mrs. Sebold from MD Senator Robert Kittleman re: alternative teacher certification (07/09/03)
  3. Letter to Mrs. Sebold from John Worthington, President, MD/DC Chapter of the Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge re: implementation of Joint Resolutions #9 (House) and #2 (Senate) (07/21/03)
  4. MSDE Press Release: Visionary Panel for Better Schools Receives National Recognition for Student Achievement, Closing the Achievement Gap (7/7/03)
  5. MSDE Press Release: Scores Rise Dramatically for Eighth Grade Writers in Latest NAEP Assessment (7/10/03)
  6. MSDE Press Release: Dr. Edward Root Elected State Board President - Joann Bell Re-elected Vice President (7/22/03)
  7. MSDE Press Release: MD State Board Sets New Performance Standards (7/22/03)
  8. MSDE Press Release: 113 MD Schools Share $1.9 Million for Classroom Breakfast Program Credited with Improving Academics, Behavior, Well-Being (7/23/03)
  9. Letter from County Commissioners regarding the Commissioners' review of the Master Plan, dated 08/07/03
  10. The Steering Wheel (Aug. 6, 2003)
  11. A history paper entitled "The Oakland High School" written by Marshall G. Brown.

In addition to the above information items listed on the agenda, Board members received copies of the following agreements:

  • Comprehensive Agreements Between the Board of Education and the Garrett County Education Association - 2003-3006

  • Comprehensive Agreements Between the Board of Education and the Garrett County Education Association - Support Personnel - 2003-2006

  • Comprehensive Agreements Between the Board of Education and the Garrett County Federation of Teachers - 2003-2006 .

  • Handbook for Administrative and Supervisory Employees - 2003-2006


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Charlotte Sebold Wendell D. Teets
President Secretary/Treasurer
Approved:  September 9, 2003