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Minutes February 12, 2002






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Tuesday, February 12, 2002



            Part I - Call to Order

        Mrs. Camilla Rawe, President of the Garrett County Board of Education, called the meeting to order at 4:05 p.m. Members in attendance included Mrs. Charlotte Sebold, Vice President; Mrs. Madeleine Collins, Mr. Rodney L. Durst, and Mr. James M. Raley, associate members; and Dr. Wendell Teets, Superintendent of Schools. Commissioner Ernest Gregg joined the meeting at this time.

            Part II - Public Comment

        Mr. Ron Unger, who offered public comment before the Board at the October 9, 2001 meeting, returned with additional comment relative to access to information and guidance services available to students. The Board explained that guidance offices are now open after regular school hours for the convenience of students and parents, that additional sources of information are accessible through school websites, and that a pamphlet entitledPreparing for Post-Secondary Education, Guidelines for Parents and Students, Grades 8-12is also available. Additionally, Mr. Unger noted a concern which Dr. Teets will bring to the attention of the transportation department.

            Part III - Executive Session

        Upon a motion by Mrs. Collins, seconded by Mr. Durst, the Board of Education unanimously agreed to move to executive session at 4:15 p.m. in accordance with Public School Law 4-106 and Section 10-508 of the State Government Code for the purpose of discussing personnel matters affecting one or more individuals. Dr. Teets; Dr. Brenda McCartney, Assistant Superintendent; Mr. Ervin Fink, Director of Finance and Human Resources; and County Commissioner Gregg were in attendance during all or part of the executive session. Personnel topics discussed included appointments, retirements, a resignation, a bus contract transfer, emergency coaches and volunteer assistants.

            Part IV - Reconvene in Public Session

        The Board reconvened at 5:30 p.m. Ms. Laura Hollingsworth, student Board member, joined the meeting at this time. Mrs. Rawe recognized the Reverend Pat Kerr of St. Paul=s Methodist Church who led the opening, after which Ms. Hollingsworth led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America.

            Part V - Acceptance of Agenda

        Upon a motion by Mrs. Collins, seconded by Mrs. Sebold, the Board unanimously accepted the agenda with the following additions: Under Board Concerns, add ALegislative Positions@as an information item; and under Information Items, add f. State of Education, 2001 Report.

            Part VI - Announcements

        The following announcements were offered:

  • Dr. Teets shared copies of Character Education slides, procured through a grant, which will be shown to the public before the feature movies at Garrett 8 Cinemas.

  • The Southern High Spanish classes will be traveling to New York City on March 22-24, 2002.

  • The Northern High Cheering Team will travel to competition in Atlantic City on Feb. 15-17, 2002.

  • Dr. Teets noted that earlier today an electrical short in the hallway heater at Crellin Elementary School caused students to be sent to a nearby church while the problem was corrected.

  • Tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. in the Board room, there will be a joint signing for the acquisition of three video cameras for bus stop arms through a joint venture with the State Highway Administration and the Health Department.

  • There was a hearing regarding the proposed legislation to increase penalties for drivers who pass busses illegally on Thursday, March 7, 2002 in Annapolis. Dr. Teets sent testimony to the committee in that regard.

  • Dr. Teets shared the 2001 report from the Office of Planning which contains a feature on the new Board of Education administrative office facility and subsequent Smart Growth Award.

  • Laura Hollingsworth was congratulated for being the Rotary Club=s Student of the Semester.

  • Aerobic classes sponsored by the Board=s Wellness program will be held at several schools in the coming weeks.

            Part VII - Approval of Minutes of January 8, 2001

        Upon a motion by Mr. Raley, seconded by Mrs. Collins, the Minutes of January 8, 2002 were unanimously approvedwith the following changes: Under Part IV, replace ATitle@with ACode@; and under Part VII, correct date to read ADecember 11, 2001.@

            Part VIII - Administration

        Mr. Fink and Ms. Judy Travis, Financial Secretary presented the Single Audit Report for Federal Award Programs ending June 30, 2001, which was prepared by James Murray and staff of Rodeheaver & Associates, P.C. There were no reportable conditions or instances of noncompliance found during the audit which was done primarily for restricted grants. Mr. Fink recognized Ms. Travis as instrumental in the Board=s fine audit reports. Dr. Teets expressed appreciation to Mr. Fink, Ms. Travis and her staff, and various program administrators for their excellent work.

        The date of Presentation of the Superintendent=s Budget to the Public was set for Wednesday, March 6, 2002 at Garrett Community College, in anticipation of the Board of Education=s approval of the Budget in April and subsequent Budget submission to the County Commissioners.

        Mr. Mike Sines, Director of Facilities, Maintenance and Operations summarized the request for proposals to provide modular classrooms during the renovation/construction of Route Forty Elementary School. He explained that all bids were for modular units that meet code and include transporting in and breakdown after the twelve-month lease period. The units will be put into place in mid-August. Dr. Teets recommended approval of the low bid from MTI Modular Technology, Inc. from Kinston, North Carolina. Upon a motion by Mr. Durst, seconded by Mrs. Collins, the Board unanimously approved the recommendation.

            Part IX - Recognition of National Certification

        Dr. Teets introduced Ms. Gayle Farrar, science teacher at Southern Middle School, who has received certification by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) in Early Adolescent Science. Ms. Farrar shared her experiences as she met the requirements of portfolio development in six areas, intensive research, instructional design for two students with special needs, and the rigorous test. Additionally, she added that the instructional strategies gained will benefit all her students. Mr. Jack Rickman, Principal of Southern Middle, commented on Ms. Farrar=s expertise in the classroom and as seventh grade team leader. Dr. Teets expressed appreciation of her efforts and wished her continued success. As Ms. Farrar is the second staff member to gain national certification, her name will join that of Michelle Harman on the plaque in the Board Room which honors Garrett County=s National Board Certified Teachers. The Board offered their congratulations.

            Part X - Recognition of Christmas Card Designer

        Dr. Teets introduced Krystle Housley, sophomore at Southern High School, who designed the 2001 Christmas Card sent by the Board and Superintendent to employees and others last December. He also introduced Ms. Housley=s art teacher, Ms. Cindy Ringler and thanked her for the efforts of the Southern High art department for undertaking this project. Dr. Teets noted it was a difficult choice to select one card from the many exceptional designs which were submitted. Ms. Housley=s card depicts a dove on the outside and a message inside reading APeace Around the World@in four languages which was especially significant following the tragedy of September 11, 2001. Miss Housley was presented with a framed picture of the card as the Board expressed their appreciation of her efforts.

            Part XI - Instruction

        Dr. Patricia Mullinix, Coordinator of Research, Evaluation and Information presented the 2001 Maryland School Performance Program Report which was released in late January. She gave an overview of county and state scores, noting that twenty of twenty-four jurisdictions saw a decline in scores from the previous year. Garrett County=s 2001 composite index of 41.1 showed a decrease compared to 2000 (Garrett County=s highest scoring year), although two schools met at least one of the state standards. The drop-out rate showed a slight increase after three years of falling rates from 1998 to 2000. NAEP test results, which were very good compared to national data, were reviewed as baseline data as the AMaking Schools Work@program was implemented just last year. Results were well above state averages on the 2001 Independence Mastery Assessment Program (IMAP). Dr. Mullinix also noted that the county continues to meet the satisfactory or excellent standards on Functional Tests and attendance at all grade levels. She then presented CTBS results for grades two, four, and six which were on or above state averages in all content areas with the exception of grade two reading and grade six language mechanics. Extensive discussion covered topics such as the disparity of MSPAP and CTBS results and the lack of correlation of results at the state and county levels, future of MSPAP and/or realignment with proposed national testing, and scoring variables dependent on small student populations. Dr. McCartney shared initiatives which included diagnostic/prescriptive reading and writing in all content areas, work analysis with MSDE staff, and use of Academic Intervention Funds in after-school programs.

            Part XII - Public Comment

        There was no public comment at 7:35 p.m.

            Part XIII - Personnel Recommendations

        Dr. Teets recommended approval of the following personnel item:

  • Appointments:    Tamya Dugan, .5 Nursing Assistant, NX, eff. 01/16/02

                                            Ruby Simmons, Custodian III, SX, eff. 02/18/02

                                            Chad Maroney, Custodian III, NH, eff. 03/04/02

  •  Retirements: P. Lenora Powell, Teacher, DR, eff. 04/01/02

                                    Jean Reams, Custodian III, NX, eff. 03/02/02

                                    Doris J. Evans, Custodian III, SX, eff. 02/01/02

  •  Resignation: Charles J. Harkins, teacher, eff. 06/30/01

  •  Bus Contract Transfer: from Gary W. Frantz to Eric James Frantz, eff. 02/16/02

  •  Emergency Coaches:    Daniel Clark, Assistant Wrestling Coach, SH

                                                        Kelly J. Stewart, Girls=Track Coach, NH

Upon a motion by Mrs. Collins, seconded by Mrs. Sebold, the Board unanimously approved the recommendations.

            Part XIV - Board Concerns

        Ms. Jennifer Kotulak, Supervisor of Special Education presented the draft Board Policy 345.1 Special Education Policy which was reviewed at the February meeting. Dr. Teets recommended its approval. Upon a motion by Mr. Durst, seconded by Mr. Raley, the Board unanimously approved Policy 345.1. (This policy will replace Board Policy 345.1 Garrett County Procedures for Handicapped Children Placed in Parochial and Other Private Schools By Their Parents and Administrative Procedure 345.22 Special Education Parent Complaint Procedure.) Ms. Kotulak explained that Garrett, Allegany, and Washington counties are looking at the percentage of special education students in the tri-county area.

        Mrs. Lynn Bell, Director of Secondary Education reviewed the updated Course Descriptions for 2002-2003 and Registration Packet. She and staff met to incorporate changes after discussion with the Board at the February meeting. Mrs. Rawe expressed appreciation of the revised packet. Board members also comment on the positive reaction to after-school hours for guidance staff and the newly developed brochure for parents and students in preparation for college.

        Mrs. Bell presented an overview of the high schools=advisory/homeroom program, highlighting the program mission and philosophy, efforts to implement a successful program, evaluation techniques, and planned goals and activities. Mrs. Sebold suggested that evaluation include numbers of students who go on to post-secondary education.

            Part XV - Board Concerns

        As a preliminary to the FY 2003 Budget development, the Board invited school organizations to attend the February meeting to discuss their budget concerns and offer input. Two organizations accepted this invitation, Dennett Road Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO) and Southern High School Band Boosters.

        As representatives of Dennett Road PTO, Ms. Mary Ann Murphy and Ms. Nancy Deal discussed the need for a fence around the perimeter of the playground which border a parking lot and residential area. Safety regarding parental traffic issues was discussed for short and long term solutions. Mr. Gary Galloway, Principal, was also present for additional input. Dr. Teets will speak with Mr. Sines to address their concern.

        Ms. Cathy Johnson, Treasurer of Southern High Band Boosters, reviewed the band=s budget which amounts to $45,000 beyond the $5,000 subsidy for travel and $3,000 for instruments received from the Board. She reported on areas of fundraising and expenditures, requesting funding assistance from the Board=s FY2003 budget toward the $11,000 needed to replace instruments beyond repair.

        Board members assured the representatives their requests would be taken into consideration and thanked them for taking the time to share their concerns.

            Part XVI - Instruction, continued

        Dr. McCartney presented and Dr. Teets recommended approval of the following Professional Leave and Travel Requests:

Grade Nine: Make It or Break It Year, Charlottesville VA, February 19-20, 2002 (G. Reichenbecher, NH; T. Woods, SH; L. Bell, Central Office)

Spanish Experience, Malaga, Spain, February 28 - March 8, 2002 (C. Harden, SH; J. Wilt, NH; L. Bell, Central Office)

Connected Classroom Conference, New York NY, March 4-6, 2002 (NH: G. Reichenbecher, E. Perfetti, D. Nice, J. Brenneman)

National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) National Meeting, San Diego CA, March 28-31, 2002 (M. Harman, NH)

International Reading Association - 2002 Convention, San Francisco CA, April 27 - May 1, 2002 (R. Craig, Central Office)

Upon a motion by Mrs. Collins, seconded by Mr. Durst, the Board unanimously approved the requests.

            Part XVII - Board Concerns, continued

        Mr. Durst reported that Garrett County Board of Education will host the Regional MABE/State Board Meeting on May 1, 2002 and asked Board members to consider topics for discussion with the State Board. He then reported on his attendance and topics discussed at the last regional meeting, which included the decision which allows the State Superintendent to override the decision of Prince Georges=County Board of Education to fire their superintendent. The next meeting will be on February 26, 2002 and will include discussion on the alternative testing issue.

        Mrs. Sebold presented an overview of proposed legislation, including the Equity in Education bill, the Prince Georges=overview bill (HB780), and the collective bargaining bill (SB232/HB290). Upon a motion by Mrs. Sebold, seconded by Mrs. Collins, the Board unanimously agreed to send a letter in opposition to HB780 to appropriate legislators. Dr. Teets will compose and distribute this letter to appropriate officials tomorrow.

        Dr. Teets, Mrs. Rawe, Mrs. Sebold, Mrs. Collins and Mr. Durst met with Senator John Hafer and Delegate Edwards on Thursday, February 7, 2002 during the MABE Legislative Day in Annapolis. Items discussed included HB311, HB290 and the Thornton Commission bill. Mr. Raley was unable to travel to Annapolis due to prior commitments.

            Part XVIII - Adjournment

        There being no further business, the Board, by consensus, adjourned the meeting at 9:30 p.m.

            Part XV - Information Items

        In addition to the following Information Items, the Board members received the MSDE Directory for 2001-2002:

a.    December 2001 Attendance Bulletin

b.    January 2001 Attendance Bulletin

c.    Home & School Connection, January 2002

d.    Home & School Connection, February 2002

e.    Pamphlet: Preparing for Post-Secondary Education, Guidelines for Parents and Students, Grades 8-12

f.    MSDE: State of Education, 2001 Report

________________________________________ _______________________________________
Camilla Rawe Wendell D. Teets
President Secretary/Treasurer
Approved:   March 12, 2002