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Minutes November 9, 1999








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Tuesday, November 9, 1999


              Part I - Call to Order

        Mr. James M. Raley, President of the Garrett County Board of Education, called the meeting to order at approximately 3:30 p.m. Members in attendance included Mr. Rodney Durst, Vice-President; Mrs. Madeleine Collins and Mrs. Camilla Rawe, associate members; and Dr. Wendell Teets, Superintendent of Schools. Mrs. Charlotte Sebold, associate member, was not present due to the death of her father.

            Part II - Public Comment

        There was no public comment.

            Part III - Executive Session

        Upon a motion by Mrs. Rawe, seconded by Mrs. Collins, the Board of Education voted (3-0) to move to executive session at 3:35 p.m. in accordance with Public School Law 4-106 and Section 10-508 of the State Government Title for the purpose of discussing personnel matters that affect one or more individuals; to conduct collective bargaining negotiations or consider matters that relate to the negotiations; and to protect the privacy or reputation of individuals with respect to a matter that is not related to public business. During executive session, the Board reviewed personnel matters including appointments, resignations, an extra duty position, volunteer and emergency coaches, requests for leave without pay, approval of bus drivers, deletion of bus drivers and assistants, voluntary cancellation of a bus contract; and collective bargaining matters. Dr. Teets; Dr. Brenda McCartney, Assistant Superintendent; and Mr. Ervin Fink, Director of Finance and Human Resources were present during the executive session.

            Part IV - Reopening of Public Session

        The Board reconvened in public session at 5:00 p.m. Mr. Raley invited the Reverend Mark Hickman of the Bethel Methodist Church to offer an invocation and asked that the assembly remember Mrs. Sebold and her family in their time of loss. Mr. Raley led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.

            Part V - Approval of Agenda

        Upon a motion by Mrs. Collins, seconded by Mrs. Rawe, the agenda was accepted (3-0) with the addition of AInformation Item. i., MSDE Bulletin, Vol. 10, No. 17.@ Miss Stephanie Forman, student Board member, joined the meeting at 5:05 p.m.

            Part VI - Announcements

        Dr. Teets shared an invitation from Dr. Nancy Grasmick to attend the AReport Card@ceremony and asked that Board members let him know if they wished to attend.

        The following events were noted:

November 13-14, 1999 is Net Weekend at Route Forty Elementary School.

Students from both high schools will be attending the Maryland Leadership Conference on November 13, 1999.

Mr. Durst will attend the MABE Executive Board legislative meeting on November 15, 1999.

            Part VII - Approval of Minutes of October 12, 1999

        Upon a motion by Mr. Durst, seconded by Mrs. Collins, the Minutes of October 12, 1999, were approved (3-0) as drafted.

            Part VIII - Instruction

        Mrs. Jo Ann Vent, Supervisor of Career and Technology Education/Career Education, presented the working draft of the Drafting Course Curriculum, which included the updated course syllabus. She noted the curriculum revision should attract more students and provide drafting program continuity. Mrs. Vent noted ARC funding has been received for additional Auto-CADs, bringing the total to fifteen at each high school. The Drafting Curriculum working draft will be on display for public review and comment and be brought back to the Board for approval next month.

        Mr. Martin Green, Director of Secondary Education, 9-12 presented an update on high school assessment, noting the timeline through the first operational administration test in January 2002. He explained that Southern High School is scheduled to participate in the Assessment Field Test for biology, geometry and algebra in January 2000. Mr. Green noted there is on-going staff development in preparation for the assessment field tests, and that the system is fortunate to have had Garrett County teachers involved in the groundwork at the state level. Discussion followed relative to preparation for the field test, especially steps being taken to procure a sufficient number of graphing calculators so that each student being tested had one during the test administration. Mr. Raley noted for the record the assessment program is an unfunded state mandate which could cost the taxpayers in this county.

        Dr. McCartney presented a request for professional leave and travel approval for Mrs. Dana McCauley and Mrs. Holly Diehl to attend the National Staff Development Council=s 31st Annual Conference in Dallas, Texas, December 5-8, 1999. Dr. Teets recommended the Board approve the request. Upon a motion by Mrs. Collins, seconded by Mrs. Rawe, the Board approved the request (3-0).

            Part IX - Administration

        Dr. Teets presented each Board members with a keychain, noting bus drivers received keychains from the transportation department in honor of National Safety Week.

        Dr. Teets recommended the Board approve the bid proposal from Douron, Inc. to provide cafeteria tables and chairs for Southern High School. He explained that with funding of $20,000 for replacement of equipment from the County Commissioners and the remainder from the operational budget or carryover, plans are to totally replace cafeteria tables and seating at Southern High School, and to replace five tables at Northern High School. Upon a motion by Mr. Durst, seconded by Mrs. Collins, the Board voted (3-0) to approve the bid award submitted by Douron, Inc. for forty tables and 300 chairs for a total sum of $23,721.00.

        Mr. Scott Germain, Food and Nutrition Services Program Manager, reviewed changes made to Administrative Procedure 862.1 Food Service Satelliting Program to update the list of satellited schools and other information in accordance with Board Policy 862.

        Dr. Teets briefed the Board on MSDE=s 1999 Enrollment Data Collection chart which shows the total number of Garrett County students enrolled as of September 30, 1999 (4,990), with deductions and adjustments made to calculate the number of students eligible for state aid (4,812) for current expenses funding from the state. Dr. Teets explained that, with the decreased enrollment, this adjusted figure will mean decreased state revenue for the Garrett County school system, noting the importance of proposed Abridge funding.@

        Dr. Teets and Mr. Refosco submitted their request to advertise for a Request for Proposals (RFP) to purchase a mobile, FCC licensed radio system for county buses, base control system at the transportation office and units for two automobiles. Dr. Teets explained that this purchase could be made through a five-year lease purchase option using funds from savings in the transportation budget or carryover. Discussion followed, with the Board noting their consensus to proceed with the RFP.

        At 5:50 p.m. the Board took a short break.

            Part X - Recognition of Sallie Mae Award Winner

        Dr. Teets presented Mr. Jason Shank with a framed Certificate of Commendation from the American Association of School Administrators and Sallie Mae, and congratulated him on his nomination for the 1999 Sallie Mae First Class Teacher Award from the Garrett County School District. The certificate is presented in acknowledgment of a first-year teacher=s outstanding performance. Mr. Jack Rickman, Principal, and Mr. Bill Ewing, Assistant Principal, were present and remarked that Mr. Shank does an Aexceptional job@ in his position as technology education teacher at Southern Middle School. Mr. Raley and the Board offered their congratulations on his nomination. Mr. Raley noted his appreciation of Mr. Shank as his student when he taught industrial arts at Southern Middle School.

            Part XI - Recognition of Award from Garrett=s Promise

        Dr. Teets stated the Garrett=s Promise Award was presented to the Board of Education at a luncheon on October 22, 1999, to acknowledge the Board=s efforts with youth and service learning. Dr. McCartney accepted the award, a desk clock, on the Board=s behalf. At the Board=s request, Dr. Teets and Dr. McCartney presented the award to Mrs. Karen Ray, Service Learning Facilitator, for her efforts with the service learning program. Mrs. Ray thanked the Board and noted it would be an honor to display the clock in her office.

            Part XII - Board Concerns

        In honor of American Education Week, November 14-20, 1999, Mr. Raley recognized Mr. Joe Heatherman, representing the AFT, and Ms. Mary Ann Fink, representing GCEA, who were invited to attend the Board Meeting to accept a Proclamation which salutes Athe efforts of our education employees.@ Mr. Raley read the Proclamation, adding Ahow proud we are, and how proud you make us@ as we all Areap the benefits of a great educational system here in Garrett County.@ Each school will receive a Proclamation signed by each member of the Board (copy attached).

            Part XIII - Personnel

        Dr. Teets recommended the following personnel action:

Appointments:    Randy Green, Custodian IV, Grantsville, effective 11/11/99

                                Wayne Collier, Driver of Deaf Students from Grantsville to Hancock and return, November 12, 1999 to                                  June 2000, 10 hours per week

Resignations:     John Brobst, Math Teacher, Northern High, effective 11/5/99

                                            Dale E. Opel, Custodian IV, Grantsville, effective 11/5/99

Extra Duty Position:    Matthew Novak, Mock Trial Advisor, Southern High

Leave Without Pay:    William Freyman, several days to volunteer at the 2002 Olympics

                                                    Judy Duling, two weeks (Jan. 31 - Feb. 11, 2000)

Emergency Coach:    John Hegeman, Ass=t Basketball, Southern High

                                                    Scott Shahan, Boys Basketball, Southern High

Approval of Driver:    William Garlitz, for Kamp Bus Service, Inc.

                                                    Pamela Tagione, for Clayton Miller

Deletion of Drivers:    Ronald Gaskill

                                                    William Bonney

                                                    Corann Clatterbuck

                                                    Carrie Coffman

                                                    Kathy Wiley (deceased)

                                                    Ronald O=Brien

Deletion of Bus Assistants:   Cheryl McKenzie

                                                                  Joyce Ridder

                                                                  Catherine Williams

Voluntary Cancellation of Bus Contract:    Wilmer Margraff of W.W. Margraff, Inc., effective 11/9/99

        Upon a motion by Mrs Rawe, seconded by Mrs. Collins, the Board approved (3-0) the personnel recommendations.

            Part XIV - Public Comment

        There were no public comment requests at 6:20 p.m. Since the agenda was completed, Dr. Teets agreed to remain in the Board room to record any requests for public comment at 7:00 p.m., the time noted on the agenda.

            Part XV - Information Items

a. MSDE News Release: State Wins $13.9 Million Grant to Help Low-Income Students Attend College (10/18/99)

b. MSDE Bulletin, Vol. 10, No. 16

c. MSDE News Release: MD Awarded Gold Star for Reading Improvement by National Education Goals Panel (10/27/99)

d. MSDE News Release: State Board Adopts New Safe Schools and Minority Performance Regulations (10/27/99)

e. MSDE News Release: State Board Accepts Academic Intervention Plan (10/27/99)

f. MSDE News Release: New State Content Standards Posted on World Wide Web (11/2/99)

g. Staff Development Newsletter, November 1999

h. Parent Conference Week Schedule, November 8-12, 1999

i. MSDE Bulletin, Vol. 10, No. 17

Part XVI - Adjournment

By consensus, the Board agreed to adjourn at 6:25 p.m.



________________________________________ _______________________________________
James M. Raley Wendell D. Teets
President Secretary/Treasurer
  Approved:  December 14, 1999

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