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Minutes July 14, 1998





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Tuesday, July 14, 1998




Part I - Call to Order

Mr. Patrick W. Riley, president of the Garrett County Board of Education, called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m. Members in attendance included Mr. Patrick W. Riley, president, Mr. James Raley, vice president, Mr. Dale Carpenter and Mr. Rodney Durst, associate members, and Dr. Wendell Teets, Superintendent of Schools.

Part II - Public Comment

There was no public comment offered at this time.

Part III - Executive Session

Upon a motion by Mr. Carpenter, seconded by Mr. Raley, the Board of Education unanimously agreed to move to executive session at 3:06 p.m. in accordance with Public School Law 4-106 and Section 10-508 of the State Government Title for the purpose of discussing personnel matters that affect one or more individuals. Mrs. Charlotte Sebold, associate member, joined the meeting at 3:07 p.m. Dr. Teets, Dr. Brenda McCartney, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, and Miss Henrietta Lease, Director of Personnel were present during a portion of the executive session. During executive session, appointments, bus contract, retirements and resignations, transfers, coaches, interns and the superintendent=s contract were discussed.

Part IV - Reopening of Public Session

The public session was reopened at 5:20 p.m. Mr. Riley led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America. At Mr. Riley=s request, the Reverend Rich Tepper introduced the Reverend David Johnson, who offered the invocation. Additionally, Mr. Riley asked that a moment of silence be observed in respect to Mrs. Karen Thrasher, teacher at Yough Glades Elementary School who passed away recently, and Mrs. Carolyn Lambert-Wilt, retired music teacher, who passed away this day.

Part V - Acceptance of Agenda

Dr. Teets asked that time for a few brief remarks regarding the alternative day school be included with item 11. Instructional Concerns, following ABack to School@ School presentation. Additionally, he asked that a special Board meeting be scheduled to address personnel matters. The Board agreed to meet briefly on July 23, 1998 at 3:00 p.m. at the central office.

Mrs. Sebold asked that ACE membership and policy changes be added under Board Concerns. She also addressed the need to draft a student Board member policy. Additionally, at Mrs. Sebold=s request, Mike Sines, Supervisor of Maintenance and Operations, will check on the status of school environmental computer controls with respect to Ayear 2000" concerns.

Mr. Durst asked for time to present additional information items and Mr. Riley asked that MABE Convention be added under Board Concerns.

Upon a motion by Mr. Raley, seconded by Mrs. Sebold, the amended agenda was unanimously accepted.

Part VI - Recognition of Student Board Member

On behalf of the staff and Board of Education, Dr. Teets welcomed Miss Lisa Beeman, a student from Northern High School, who will serve as the student Board member for the 1998-99 school year, noting that this meeting is her first official meeting. Mr. Riley also congratulated Miss Beeman on her selection.

Part VII - Announcements

Mrs. Sebold thanked Dr. Teets for a very positive year, noting that this month is the first year anniversary of Dr. Teets= employment as superintendent. Mrs. Sebold also announced the Times-News dinner will be held on July 20, and the Teen Pregnancy Coalition will meet on July 23 at Garrett Community College.

Part VIII - Approval of Minutes

Upon a motion by Mrs. Sebold, seconded by Mr. Raley, the Minutes of June 2, 1998, were unanimously approved as drafted.

Upon a motion by Mr. Raley, seconded by Mr. Carpenter, the Minutes of June 9, 1998, were approved with the following amendments: Part III - addition of transcription of Mr. Sharps= remarks with regard to the appointment of the superintendent; Part XIII - inclusion of Mr. Mayfield=s remarks in response to his selection as Teacher of the Year candidate in their entirety; Part XIX - first sentence, after Agroups@ add A, with the exclusion of the position of assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction,@; Part XIV - correct transposition of names; and typographical error in Part IX, paragraph seven.

Upon a motion by Mrs. Sebold, seconded by Mr. Raley, the Minutes of June 29, 1998, were unanimously approved as drafted.

Part IX - Administrative Concerns

Mr. Sines introduced Mr. Walter Moore, President of Affiliated Power Purchasers, Inc. (APPI), on behalf of BGS&G Electricity De-regulation Program. Mr. Moore discussed participating in a buyers= pool to purchase electricity in the event of electrical utility deregulation. APPI is a full engineering firm with a focus on the purchase and acquisition of electricity. Mr. Moore explained that the large aggregate buyer group increases leverage when Ashopping@for a large volume purchase, resulting in Ashared savings@ for members. He explained that approximately 75% of the generated savings would be passed on to the members, with the balance to go to the engineering firm as compensation for their services, such as licensing fees, scheduling, auditing of bills, etc. Other topics of discussion included tariff rate, default safeguards, fee negotiation, if there is a need for a RFP, timeline, etc. Mr. Riley thanked Mr. Moore for his time and informative presentation.

Mr. Sines presented the Comprehensive Maintenance Plan, which must be submitted to the Interagency Committee by October, 1998, for the Board=s review. He noted inclusion of a table of contents and the development of a random checklist which has been successfully implemented. The CMP will be on the August agenda for action.

Mr. Sines presented the only bid to be submitted for water booster pump replacement at Northern Middle School, which serves both Northern Middle and Northern High Schools. Upon a recommendation by Dr. Teets, Mr. Raley moved to accept the bid from Camden Pumps and Systems in the amount of $27,483.00. Mrs. Sebold seconded, and the Board unanimously approved the motion.

Upon the recommendation of Dr. Teets, Mr. Carpenter moved that the bid for a walk-in freezer unit for the Foods and Nutrition department be awarded to Carey Sales & Service, Inc. in the sum of $36,272. Mr. Durst seconded the motion, which was approved unanimously by the Board. Mr. Sines noted that this amount did not include refrigeration and electrical hook ups which would be provided by in-house maintenance staff.

As an additional component of the cool/freezer/dry storage complex to be located on the grounds at Southern Middle School, Dr. Teets recommended the acceptance of a bid from Reliable Property Maintenance and Construction, LLC for the sum of $30,953.16 for the dry storage warehouse and loading dock. Discussion followed as to the bid process and selection of low bid as per specifications. Dr. Teets noted his appreciation of Mr. Sines= work in assisting Mr. Knode with the development of specifications for the complex. Upon a motion by Mr. Durst, seconded by Mrs. Sebold, the Board accepted Dr. Teets= recommendation. Mr. Raley asked that, for future reference, departments submit a list showing all bids.

Mr. Dale Kimble, Coordinator, Systems Management and Data Processing, and Dr. Teets related that, after checking with the Attorney General=s office regarding procedure for procuring bids for the computer hardware/software purchase, a RFP was published and mailed out. No additional responses were received, therefore, Mr. Riley called for a motion. Upon a motion by Mr. Raley, seconded by Mr. Carpenter, the Board unanimously accepted the previous recommendation that the computer software/hardware purchase be awarded to CIMS III.

Dr. Patricia Mullinix, Coordinator of Research, Evaluation, and Information presented the draft Informational Calendar for 1998-99. She explained that she used information generated by her predecessor, Paul Harr, surveyed principals and other staff members, and used artwork from the Arts Fair to develop the draft calendar. Among suggestions from the Board for additional reference in the calendar were Passover, Good Friday, Halloween, All Saints= Day, Aparental rights@information, report card window, Web page address, Board members= phone numbers. The Board expressed appreciation for the hard work by Dr. Mullinix, who noted that the calendar needed to get to a printer before the end of July for availability at the beginning of the school year.

Upon a recommendation by Dr. Teets, Mrs. Sebold moved to award the sale of bus #102 to Dale E. Evans, Inc. in the amount of $1,250.00, the only bid received. Mr. Carpenter seconded and the Board unanimously approved the motion.

Part X - Public Comment

There was no public comment at this time.

Part XI - Personnel Matters

Dr. Teets recommended the following personnel action:

Appointment:    Dan Anderson, Math Teacher, SH, effective 8/26/98

                         Ervin Fink, Director of Finance/Human Resources, effective 9/1/98

Cancellation of Bus Contract:    Donald Ahern, Bus 35, effective 7/1/98

Retirement:   Mary Ryscavage, Teacher, SX, effective 7/1/98

                     Randall Glass, Bus Contractor, effective 7/1/98

Resignation:    Dale Garlitz, Principal, GV, effective July 7, 1998

Emergency Coaches:    Larah Friend, Assistant Cheerleading Advisor, NH

                                    Erick Gallagher, Assistant Band Director, NH

                                    Jon Hauser, Assistant Baseball Coach, NH

                                    Jon Hauser, Assistant Football Coach, NH

                                    Susan Mason Newton, Volleyball, SH

Temporary Employment:    Joshua Teets, Telecommunications Intern, July 1 - Sept. 30, 1998

                                           Nicole Butina, Telecommunications Intern, July 1, - Sept. 30, 1998

Upon a motion by Mr. Raley, seconded by Mr. Durst, the Board unanimously accepted Dr. Teets= personnel recommendations.

Mr. Raley moved that all confidential employees and employees not covered by employee groups be granted a 1% salary increase effective July 1, 1998, and an additional 1% salary increase for pay periods fourteen (14) through twenty-six (26). This increase would be inclusive of all employees. Mrs. Sebold seconded, and the Board unanimously approved the motion.

Mr. Raley moved that, pending discussion with the school board attorney, monthly disability income protection be added to the superintendent=s contract. Upon a second by Mr. Durst, the Board unanimously approved the motion.

Part XI - Instructional Concerns

Mrs. Wilda Massi, Director of Pupil Services, presented a review of the draft Board Policy 448.0 and Administrative Procedure 448.1 ABack to School@ School. She distributed a packet outlining the procedure for the three day ABack to School@ School along with a letter which would be sent to parents of drop outs. She noted that coverage of this new program would be in the newspapers and on the radio. Mrs. Massi explained that this concept was first discussed when Dr. Teets began as superintendent, and that several staff members visited Grafton High School for an overview of the program last December. She noted that strong emphasis would be placed on parent/guardian involvement in the program, but that absence of support would not preclude a student from attending. An additional statement will be added to Administrative Procedure 448.1 in that regard. Cindy Glass and Mary Douds, high school counselors, will facilitate the ABack to School@ School this year with the three-day readmission program being held this year on August 3-5, 1998. Following discussion, Mr. Carpenter moved to approve Board Policy 448.0. Mr. Durst seconded the motion which was unanimously accepted.

Mrs. Massi then reviewed plans for an alternative day school which would provide an opportunity to target high school population, grades nine through twelve and special education. She further stated that this program could interrupt the drop out cycle and reduce the drop out rate. It fulfills the new IDEA guidelines and would enable students who have been recommended for expulsion to continue to earn credits toward graduation while removing them from the regular school program. Plans are for the class to be held at Southern High School in a classroom with a separate outside entry where relative isolation of the program could be maintained. Transportation would be handled similarly to that of the Alternate Education class housed at the central office building in that those students are transported from both the Southern and Northern area. A one year only grant of $50,000 is available from the Local Management Board with the provision that after the one year period, the program will continue to be supported. Mrs. Massi introduced the possibility of another component, which consists of a $40,000 grant proposal which, if approved, may offer a full time counselor for the program. Mr. Riley suggested that if an additional policy is needed to address alternative day school, we should be working on a draft. Mrs. Massi and Dr. McCartney will look into the need for additional policy. Continued discussion centered on an exploration of need for evening high school, summer school and tutoring opportunities for students. After inquiries regarding the impact on evening high school programs, Mrs. Massi noted that the alternative day school does not replace evening high school at this point.

Dr. McCartney reviewed the draft Reading/Language Arts Programs of Studies, K- 5 and 6-8, which have been in draft form since July, 1996 and available for public input. Several staff members present were introduced who participated in a review and revision of the draft during the summer workshop, noting that Karen Thrasher was involved in the workshop, also. Holly Diehl and Sheila Miller were co-facilitators. Dr. McCartney reviewed a survey used to gather input relative to need for materials and staff development and a summary of staff input. She noted that best practices from the First Alliance publication and draft State Content Standards were considered while revising the programs of studies. While explaining changes to the document, Dr. McCartney noted that increased attention was given to the teaching of phonics skills (K-5), and the inclusion of comparative literary statements about historical eras (6-8). The Programs of Studies, K-5 and 6-8 will be on display for public review and comment and brought back to the August Board meeting for action.

At 8:00 p.m. the Board took a short break.

Dr. McCartney presented the Health Program of Studies, 6-8 and text recommendation. She noted that a subcommittee of the Health Advisory Committee, which included Mrs. Sebold, worked on this recommendation. She noted that a student, Suzanne Gilbert, also sat on the subcommittee. Although the June 26, 1998, meeting was lightly attended, the committee felt comfortable in bringing these materials and text recommendations to the Board for adoption. A brief review by Dr. McCartney covered the evaluation form for Totally Awesome Health, Volume II (committee summary), and a notebook showing program development which will be available at each school for review, and the program of studies. She noted that this is a six-week program, and due to the emphasis in seventh grade on family life and human development, students will be separated by gender during the seventh grade class. Dr. McCartney noted that only materials recommended by the Health Advisory Committee, approved by the Board of Education, may be used in accordance with the Health Education Bylaw; and that an abstinence program is in place which assures that abstinence from premarital sex will be presented as a healthy, safe and responsible decision. Outcomes, adopted from draft MSDE outcomes, were used as an organizational tool. Following discussion regarding focus areas and expected outcomes/goal setting, Dr. McCartney offered the following revision to page 18, Outcome 1, final statement: prenatal care affects the mother and pre-born baby.@ It was suggested that the revised parent letter include information regarding gender separated classes in seventh grade and that each school=s notebook have the State Bylaw and the Board Policy on Health Advisory Committee included. Dr. McCartney will review and bring back to the Board at a later date an evaluation of the Independent Study component of the program. She will have the videotape, AMy Mommy is Having a Baby@and an anatomical model available at the August meeting should Board members wish to review them. The Health Program of Studies, 6-8 and recommended text, Totally Awesome Health will be on public display for review and comment and brought to the August Board meeting for action.

Dr. McCartney recommended the acceptance of the McGraw Hill elementary mathematics series. She noted that there was no public comment during its time on public display and shared the county summary evaluation form. The series, Math in My World, will be brought to the August meeting for action.

Part X - Board Concerns

Mr. Riley received correspondence from Dr. Terrence Scout, President of MABE, regarding State mandates that are underfunded or become burdensome on school systems. In June, he asked Dr. Teets to survey the staff in this regard and shared those results with the Board. By consensus, the Board agreed that, in order to assist MABE in working with lobbying on this issue with the State Board, a letter should be sent to Dr. Scout expressing the results of this survey and the Board=s support of MABE=s attention to this matter. High school assessment, including student remediation, will be added to the list. Mr. Durst will carry the letter to the MABE office tomorrow.

The Board agreed to gather input from Rob Sharps, Chairperson of the Advisory Committee on Education (ACE), relative to filling membership vacancies and bring this topic to the next meeting.

Dr. Teets provided the Board with copies of the 1998 MABE Conference Information so that Board members could bring their registration information to the August meeting. The 1998 MABE Conference will be held at the Wisp Resort Hotel and Conference Center, October 7-9, 1998, in McHenry, Maryland. Information regarding the special session for student Board members was shared with Miss Beeman.

Mr. Durst announced that he will attend the MABE executive committee session on July 15, 1998 and that he had been selected to serve on the Task Force on Intervention, K-12. The task force will meet four times a year beginning on August 20, 1998. Mr. Durst asked the Board to share any ideas with him regarding high school remediation. Mr. Riley congratulated him on his selection.

Mr. Riley acknowledge the receipt of a memorandum from the County Commissioners to Dr. Teets pursuant to additional funding of $93,000 relative to the FY 1999 budget.

Part XI - Adjournment

By consensus, the Board adjourned at 9:50 p.m.



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Patrick W. Riley Wendell D. Teets
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Approved:      August 11, 1998