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5th Mrs. Anderson

Congratulations…You will be a 5th grader in the fall of this year! Here is a list of the supplies that you will need to have when school begins. Please only purchase the items on this list as our desks have limited space – any other items purchased will be sent home.
* Crayola crayons – no more than 24
* 1 pkg. set of 4 dry erase markers
* a pencil BAG, NOT box
* 1 dozen yellow pencils
* 1 pack mechanical pencils
* highlighter
* scissors
* 3 glue sticks
*1 pack checking pens - any color other than black
* crayola markers – set of 8 (optional)
* 1 plastic folder with inside pockets and holes that will fit inside the binder
* 3 folders with inside pockets
* one - 3 ring binder (2 inch size ONLY) with a clear, plastic cover that will hold a
sheet of paper as an insert. NO TRAPPER KEEPER BINDERS!
* 1 package wide-ruled paper
* 4 composition notebooks