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4th Mrs. D. Brenneman

Congratulations…You will be a 4th grader in the fall of this year! Here is a list of the supplies that you will need to have when school begins. Please only purchase the items on this list as our desks have limited space – any other items purchased will be sent home.
* Crayola crayons – no more than 24
* Crayola markers – set of 8
* 1 box colored pencils
* 1 pkg. set of 4 dry erase markers
* 1 dozen yellow pencils (these will be shared)
* mechanical pencils or colorful pencils (optional, and not to be shared)
* highlighter
* 2 red pens
* scissors - write your name on them!
* 2 glue sticks
* small pencil sharpener (not electric)
* a pencil bag
* 1 - 3 ring binder (1.5 or 2 inch size)
* 1 - 2 pocket plastic file folder with holes that will fit inside the binder
* 5 - 2 pocket folders
* 1 package wide-ruled paper
* 1 pack 3x5 white index cards
* 1 spiral notebook
* 1 composition book
* 1 box of tissues
* Lysol wipes & hand sanitizer (This is optional, as we know supplies are limited!)
* a BIG smile!
Please keep all supplies in original boxes. It will be important for students to have additional supplies at home and supplies will need to be replenished throughout the school year.
We are looking forward to our year together – have a safe and happy summer and we will see you very soon!
Mrs. Brenneman and Mrs. Younkin
If you are interested in contributing anything extra to our classrooms we are typically in need of: play-dough, candy, board games, puzzles, paper towels, extra pairs of scissors, glue, wide ruled paper, and assorted snacks.