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3rd Mrs. Ash

Welcome to 3rd Grade!
The following is a list of supplies and materials that you will need for third grade.
Earbuds/Headphones to keep at school
Two (2) packages of #2 wooden pencils
Dry Erase Markers- 8 pack
Two (2) Plastic Folders
One package of crayons or colored pencils (preferred)
4-6 glue sticks
Highlighters (blue, pink, yellow)
White Index Cards
Pencil Pouch (no key lock boxes)
Three (3) one-subject Spiral Notebooks
2 Boxes of Tissues
1-2 Packs of post-it notes
1 white “clear view” 3-ring binder (1 inch)
*If you are interested in contributing anything to our classrooms, we are typically in need of: quart, gallon ziploc baggies, play-dough, candy, board games, puzzles, old magazines, paper towels, and assorted snacks.*
We are looking forward to seeing you in August at Back-to-School Night!
Mrs. Sanders & Mrs. Ashth Grade Accident Elementary School