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1st Mrs. Shawley


Mrs. Shawley’s First Grade: SUPPLY LIST?
* Items may be used as long as they are in good shape.*
* 1 hard plastic pencil box
* 1 fabric pencil pouch with zipper
(the 10”x7” ones for around $1.00 at Walmart are perfect for our needs)
* 3 boxes of 24 crayons OR 2 packages of twistable
crayons (Crayola seem to be the best)
* 6 low odor dry erase markers (blue or black please)
* 12 pencils (pre-sharpened preferred) AND a handheld pencil sharpener, OR 6 lead pencils Paper Mate 1.3mm lead pencils are perfect for first graders and last a very long time.
* 1 composition notebook?
* 2 large pink erasers?
* 6 glue sticks??
* 1 pair of scissors?
* 1 black sharpie marker?
* 1 plastic folder with prongs and pockets
* 1 sturdy one-inch binder (used for daily communication, so please get something durable)
BOYS: 1 box of tissues
GIRLS: 1 box of gallon sized Ziploc bags
OPTIONAL, but very much appreciated: Clorox Wipes / Germex
Please mark all supplies with your child’s name and put the following in your child’s pencil box: 1 box of crayons, 1 dry erase marker, 2 pencils, 1 glue stick, 1 pair of scissors?* Please put all extra materials (that will fit) in a gallon Ziploc bag labeled with your child’s name. The extra supplies will be distributed to your child as needed. Thank you!